How a Summer Course Can Guide You to the Right Career

This post was written by Laura Johnson There are countless options out there in the world when it comes to careers and the kind of education one wants. As a teen, it can be difficult trying to grasp what a certain path might provide. Even worse is that they're on a timeline as they work towards that graduation day. But even with all the stress and work of high school, your teen doesn't have to sacrifice valuable insight and advice when it comes to choosing their education. There are … [Continue reading]

How To Relax And Get Comfortable At Home

This post was written by Laura Johnson Everyone wants to be able to relax when they get home. However, many people, unfortunately, aren't able to get comfortable and properly relax when they're in their own home. There can be a variety of different reasons for that; however, it also means that there are dozens of different ways to relax at home and probably even more than that. With that in mind, if you're finding it difficult to relax in your own home, then you can try a few of these tips. … [Continue reading]

Being a Mom Can Be Easier

This post was written by Laura Johnson Few women dream of growing up to become their mother. But it's a pretty common experience. Life tends to just happen as we go about things. And before you know it, you've taken on the same role. And in doing so, you usually realize something rather important. Most women have had the experience of calling up their mom to, essentially, apologize for being such a difficult child. It's a fairly normal thing to realize. When you're young that's the only … [Continue reading]

Postpartum Depression: What Is It & Why Should You Care?

This post was written by a guest contributor. Postpartum depression is a condition that is not widely known by many people. Usually reserved to private conversations in whispered tones between women, this serious illness is silently consuming the lives of families all across the globe. Looking out for the well-being of you and your loved ones is no small task, and luckily there are many reliable resources - such as Mommy Authority - to help guide you along the everlasting journey of … [Continue reading]

Volunteering with Children

This post was written by a guest contributor. When parents decide to volunteer with their children, both the community and the family benefit. Working side by side with your children opens up opportunities for you to strengthen your bonds and see each other in a different light. Whilst volunteering, families experience another side of a country, a side that most typical tourists don’t see. Here are some exciting ways to volunteer as a family: Teaching in Asia Asia is one of the easiest … [Continue reading]

Using Ingredients from Home to Create the Perfect Drink

This post was written by Laura Johnson People don’t have to go out for a drink and spend the extra money if they don’t feel like it at the time. Though this is fun to do on occasion, it is far less expensive to simply make the drink yourself at home. With the right ingredients and the know-how, anyone can create their perfect drink right form their own kitchen.  Buy Flavorings Online A typical grocery store may have some of the ingredients needed, but chances are people won’t be able … [Continue reading]

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