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OK, so I am ashamed to say I have a new obsession. Aunt Jenn told me about a blog called “Bloggy Giveaways” that gives away products every day . I have been going there for a few weeks now to check out what’s new to win.
This past Monday, I went to the blog and guess what I came across? A HUGE “Bloggy carnival” where well over 1000 people have giveaways for the week (and tons of them do giveaways everyday too!). I have been spending the majority of my kid free time (nap and bedtime) on her site entering as many as I could. OK, not all of the time was kid free…But you should SEE the cool stuff you can win!! Most of them ended today, so I was up until after 2 this morning trying to get to all of them. I know, sad huh? After this experience, I can see why I read on one blog (wish I could remember which one!) that she was refusing to look at or enter ANY of the giveaways this year. Good thing this doesn’t happen every week or I’d be in big trouble!
Anyway, I got a comment from Holly at telling me that I won something from her giveaway! She’s sending me some super cute bows for Brooke! Go check out her blog and see what she’s got to offer. Maybe you’ll find something you like!! As for the bows for Brooke, you’ll be seeing them on her for church and very likely in pics posted on here too! Thanks Holly!!
I’ll keep everyone posted on any other cool things I win. =)

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