Fun with Food!

Ok, so here’s the deal. 5minutesformom and Prego is giving away $500 for groceries! They’re wanting photos that are fun, family and food related. Finalists will be chosen Nov 17 and the photos will be submitted for a vote. Winner is photo with most votes.
I had a hard time picking, but this is the one I entered. I just love this one from Erik’s 1st birthday this year. Eating with his hands was NOT getting enough in his mouth I guess, so he resorted to putting his face in the cake and eating it that way! Oh yeah, lots of cake up the nose, but he enjoyed it!


  1. cute pic!

    You have won my FreckleBox giveaway from my blog A working Blogging Mommy. I couldn’t find an email address for you so I hope you respond to this comment, my email is

    Thanks for entering!


  2. I love this picture of Erik!!

  3. Mmmm birthday cake! Thanks for your entry.

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