Another award…For me?? Aw, Thanks!!

Lisa over at Kids Accessories by Kidcessory Haven has honored me with the Lemonade Award! She’s so sweet, and is a big advocate for Saving Small Businesses from the CPSIA. This is something that will affect us all, so you really should visit her blog to see how you can help! *Some of you are aware of the dent that this new law has put into the plans mom and I had to create an Etsy shop to sell her quiet books and bibs!!*

I’m so honored to be given this award by her! It’s so humbling to be recognized by people who only know me through the blogging world!
Thanks a ton Lisa!!!! It really means so much!


  1. congrats and I’m really sad about all this too! Sadly, American businesses are being affected by this even though the problems are coming from import products. BUY AMERICAN!

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