It’s times like these I say to Gary “Listen to what YOUR kids did!”

On the side of our house in the backyard, we have a fenced in area. I’m sure it was a dog run before. Gary wanted to use it as an area to plant his garden, but decided he didn’t want to have to dig up the backyard to run the sprinkler system over there (the hose wont reach). He did tons of sprinkler work when we moved in, so I can’t blame him.
Anyway, we then decided maybe we could train the dog to do her business over there. No go. We also tried with the new puppy, but we gave up.
The kids know this is the area where we ‘want’ the doggies to go. I think Logan calls it the “Poop place”. It’s currently used less for the dogs doing their business, and more for keeping the pooper scooper and bag where we collect the poo. For some reason, this makes the kids think it’s a bathroom for themselves too.

Shortly after we moved in, I caught Logan and Brooke over there (it was just too quiet!). Logan was squatting with his pants and underwear around his ankles, and Brooke was next to him with their sandbox shovel in hand, waiting for him to be done so she could ‘scoop the poop’ and add it to the dog’s collection. (Logan was about 3 years old, and Brooke wasn’t even 2 yet!)

Then last week…
Logan and Brooke were playing in the backyard and Erik was in with me (thankfully). I heard the backdoor open, and Logan is quietly talking to Brooke saying “We won’t ever do it again. Never again.” They walk around the corner, and Logan is hiding behind Brooke. In a cute sing song voice, with shoulders shrugged, arms out, palms up, shaking her head she says, “I’m sorry mom. I’m sorry I pottied on myself. We won’t do it again. I’m sorry mom!”
I say, “WHAT did you do?”
And she says, “Well, I just had to go and I had to go real bad so I went over there and I got potty on me and I didn’t mean to but I had to go and I’m sorry mom. I’m sorry and we won’t do it again mom, I’m sorry!”
I look at Logan and say “Did you do it too!?”
And he says, “Yes. But mom, we really had to go really bad!”
And seriously, Brooke was soaked… From rear end to toes. Even her shoes were dripping. It didn’t even look like she managed to pull her pants down at all.

I wish I had a video camera rolling 24/7 to capture these moments. Funny now, only semi-funny at the time. But priceless!


  1. hahahaha….ah, kids!

    You get my email?

  2. 20 steps can be a lot… πŸ™‚

    Yeah, Zac was great at this (the peeing part) when he was little. Took Don Mc to break him of it…he caught Zac peeing on the church tree (!!!!!) and he said, “Did you know the police arrest people for doing that?” Zac was about 3, I guess, and I didn’t hear of him ever doing it again (or at least he never got caught!).

    Now, the big boys don’t really outgrow it. I have heard that MANY of the guys have peed on my ORANGE TREE in the side yard. Is that just DISGUSTING?!?!?! I was not too happy and told Joel. He said, “Hey, don’t get mad at me! I’ve never done it!” No guys from our household (except, maybe Clancy!), but it must be a beaconing urinal for the neighborhood “men”. ugh.

  3. eastonsmom says:

    Don’t feel bad. My neighbors have a 3 year old son and yesterday I walked outside to check the mail and there he was peeing on the side of the house. Right there in the front yard. The kids were outside riding bikes but I don’t think anyone noticed him taking a little potty break. At least your kids did it in the backyard πŸ™‚

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