My heart is breaking

I have no words, other than to ask for your prayers for Tuesday Whitt and her family.
Today as I was online, I was directed to their blog and asked to pray for this sweet little girl. A sweet little 2 year old girl who has been sent home to die because she has a cancer that is too aggressive to cure. A sweet girl who has been courageously fighting since July of last year.
I cannot fathom what her family must be going through. All I can do is pray and know that God can do all things. Know that God, and only God, can comfort this family as they give their little one to Him.
Please, please take a moment and pray for this family.


  1. yeah, in times like that, only God can truly bring peace and comfort to the family. I will pray for them as well.

    the Beatles band is really good. the drummer is a girl… I dunno if you could tell from TV. I spoke to the band, and the members are really nice. I wish that I had seen them on TV!! we have known all week that they were coming, so I was plotting on how to get up close to the band. the main set is at 430, so Im starting my weekend with the Beatles, too.

  2. my prayers go out to all of them!

  3. Thank you for your prayers and support.
    the Whitts found all of the words so comforting in their last days with little Tuesday.

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