Some day….

So we’re at Target last week and we’re in the checkout line. I think I made a comment to Brooke about standing by the cart or something (she tends to be easily distracted… And they just have to put toys near the registers, along with candy and chap stick, which also rank high on her list of favorites). My comment about standing by the cart triggers a memory, and she starts singing (loudly, of course) “Stand by your mmmaaaaaannnnn!!” Yes, my 3 year old baby girl. (Those of you at or involved in the Hoe Down will know where she learned this from. No, we do not listen to that song at home, in the car, or anywhere otherwise. No offense to those of you who have that on your Ipod or as your cell phone ring tone. You know who you are!). Anyway, the woman in front of us finds this very amusing, and starts giggling. “Okay Brooke, that’s enough!” I say, through rolled eyes and red cheeks.
Literally 5 seconds later, Logan notices one of the National Enquirer magazines, which has overweight celebs in bikinis plastered all over the front cover. He starts giggling and says (also quite loudly), “Looooook, underwear. Tee hee hee. Look Brooke, look at the underwear!” This amused the 2 women behind us, and one commented to the other, “Did you hear that little boy. That was so cute!” Cute?? Okay, I can laugh at it now, but it was very embarrassing at the time, especially following Brooke’s outburst.
Then, as we proceed to check out, Erik decides he’s going to join in, and he puts his finger in his nose. Not just in, but waaayyyy up there! (I think he observes his big brother doing this much too often)! I, of course, didn’t notice since I was getting out my card to pay, but I quickly become aware as the check out girl laughs and says “You finding anything good in there?”. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Erik proceeds to stick his finger in his mouth! UGH!!!
WHY???!! One of them doing these things is bad enough, but this tag team thing is not working well for me. I mean, yes, work well together kids, just not against mommy, ok?
All I can say is, Some day you guys… Some day, when you’re 14 years old and we’re in the grocery store, I am going to sing loudly to the oldies playing over the speaker. I am going to dance ridiculously through the isles at Target and point at you and say “Come on baby, dance with mommy!” And yes, daddy and I will tag team against you (and let me tell you, daddy can bust a mean robot)! Some day you guys… some day.


  1. it is hilarious and I can’t wait until you do that in front of their friends haha

  2. eastonsmom says:

    That is so funny!! Of course it’s funny since it wasn’t me. My time is coming though. It will be fun to dance around Logan when he’s a teenager and trying to hide in another aisle like he doesn’t know you.

  3. yes there time is comming… too funny!

  4. LOL!!! That is SOOOO funny…because it happened to you and not me! Thanks for sharing that!

  5. LOL!! I know I can not wait until my kids are a little older. bwahahaha….there time is coming.


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