Super Bowl

First let me say I still LOVE the Arizona Cardinals (although I am a bit sad. Boo hoo.)!!
Yesterday was Sunday, which means church. The Super Bowl started just before the evening service at church started, so we knew we were going to miss it. So my friend and ‘brother from another mother’ () Tony decided to DVR it, we made hot wings and picked up a few pizzas, and had it all ready so after church we could run over and watch the Super Bowl. We had fun and the food was good. What an exciting game!

We watched the 3-D stuff after the game. Gotta love TiVo!

This is me, my son Logan, and my “brother from another mother” Tony. =)

Worn out! Fell asleep on Jared.

Oh yeah…Just after 5, I ran home to turn on the porch light and check on the dogs since we knew we’d be home late. The game had just started, and it was so eerie to be on the roads with hardly anyone else! I think I counted about 8 cars going my way on the freeway, and not many more than that passed me going the other way. Not a soul was at the gas station by my house. In my neighborhood, especially on weekends, you’ll see kids playing outside, people out doing yard work or visiting with the neighbors. Nobody was anywhere to be seen. Not a soul drove down the street, not a noise could be heard. You could have heard a pin drop! It was so freaky!


  1. Brooke and Jared are so cute! I have no cable so I didn’t watch it. Cameron is a major fan because of his step dad and he told Brandon that he cried when they lost haha. poor kid!

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