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One Sunday, about a month ago, we were getting into the car to go to church. Our neighbor’s mother was over for a visit and happened to be outside, and Logan saw her. Logan asked her if she was going to church, to which she answered no. He then tells her, “Sometimes, when people don’t go to church, it makes God sad.”

My mom took the kids to the park this afternoon. I just got a phone call from her, and she was telling me about a little boy and his mom who were at the swings with Logan and Brooke. Brooke, being the little talkative thing that she is, proceeds to tell them how she can swing by herself by pumping her legs, and how she does it by herself at home and at church too. The mother asked Brooke what church she goes to. She said she didn’t know (although she does know since they review it every week in Sunday school!! Sorry Aunt Jenn and Debra-aka-Sunday School teachers!!). Brooke asked the mother if she goes to church. Her answer was no, to which Logan replies, “When people don’t go to church, it makes God and Jesus really sad.”


I know everyone believes differently, however, we believe we should “meet together oft” as the scriptures say. It is necessary to strengthen our soul, our commitment; to learn things we didn’t know and to be reminded of things we may have forgotten. To gain strength in the fellowship of those of like faith, and to feel God’s spirit and remember He is with us.
We go to church every Sunday and Wednesday, and have always done this. It is routine for our kids. They know nothing different, and we have taught them nothing different. It really concerns Logan to see people who don’t go to church.

I shared the first story with the ladies at church one Sunday afternoon while we were visiting, and I think it was sister Kim who said, “Now we can see why God tells us to be like a little child!”. Yes, I can. Leave it to a child to say the things we fear to say.
Yes, we should always remember to “Become as little children”-Matthew 18:1-4 KJV


  1. awww, that is precious. And yes, children have no problem saying it like they see it!

  2. For you:

  3. eastonsmom says:

    I’m so proud of him! (and you guys for teaching it)

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