The worst eating out experience of my life!

UGH!!! We ate at a restaurant tonight called 3 Margaritas, located near Tatum and Bell road. We went because we wanted Mexican food, and we wanted to go somewhere that the kids ate free on Mondays. I found it listed on an online site. (No offense to those of you in the mid-west, but I’d compare it to a few Mexican restaurants I’ve eaten at in Missouri. And those were even better than this. After all, AZ borders Mexico. Our Mexican restaurants should be good)!

This was the worst restaurant I have ever been to! I did see an award for Best of Phoenix in 2007. Maybe it has changed ownership since then?? Because our experience tonight did not merit an award for “Best of” anything good.

Have you ever seen the show “Kitchen Nightmares“? Seriously, that was all that kept going through my head the entire time we were eating there. I wish I had remembered my camera so you could all see it. I hope my words can explain even partially the nastiness of it.

When they brought the food out, the plates were hot. Scalding hot. The server was using a hot pad to give them to us, and we had to use our forks to move them around on the table where we wanted them.

My kids all ordered a quesadilla. It was half of a deep fried tortilla topped with the greasiest, nastiest cheese. The entire thing was dripping with grease, laying in a pile of grease, covered in grease! You’d think we had asked, “Um, yeah, the kids would like an order of grease with a little bit of tortilla and cheese please”. (Seriously, Erik-my one year old- was shining when he was done eating the little he could choke down). When the server brought out the meal, Logan-my 4 year old- asked, “Where’s my cheese crisp?!” He had no idea what that thing on his plate was. I anticipate what my kids call “good greif poo-poo” to kick in sometime tomorrow, unless their tiny stomachs decide it’s easier to just push it back out where it came from. *As I type this, Erik is screaming and crying in his bed. He never does this. He loves his bed, and he always goes right to sleep.*

My mom ordered a shredded beef chimi. We were told it was “quite large”. It was smaller than my fist, and she says it was not very good.

My husband and I ordered the Pollo Fundido (a shredded chicken chimi stuffed with cream cheese). Oh my goodness… It was DIS-GUS-TING! It was tiny. There was hardly any chicken in it. The ‘cheese’ on top was either a slice of Kraft singles or a slice of Velveeta. (Don’t get me wrong… I love Kraft singles and Velveeta both, but not on my restaurant burrito!). The Fundido was cut in thirds, and I couldn’t even finish 1 of those thirds! Gary ate it. He covered it in hot sauce to drown out the taste. He said he only ate it because he didn’t want to waste the money. He regrets it now.

My mom took Logan and Brooke to the bathroom (cause of course they had to go!). She said it was filthy disgusting, and that 2 of the 4 toilets were clogged with no ‘Out of service’ sign or anything. She said the nasty toilet brush was hanging from the exposed pipes underneath the filthy sink.

Also, when our bill came, the kids meals were not free. I asked our server about this, and he first said, “Did you bring the flier?”. I said I didn’t know anything about a flier. Then he said, “Oh wait, I think it’s on Tuesdays that kids eat free. Or is it? Um, I’ll go ask someone.” Shouldn’t a server know what days kids eat free? Turned out it was free. HHMMM?? Did he not know (to which again, I ask, shouldn’t a server know what days kids eat free at the restaurant they work at?), or was he trying to get more money out of us because their food stinks so bad that nobody wants to go there? I just don’t know.

All I have to say is that it’s a good thing their meals were free. And the fact that we spent $45 on food we either didn’t eat or barely made it through is a crime. And yes folks, you read that right… $45 was the price after the charge for the kids meals was taken off… $45 for 3 meals.

We spent the entire drive home complaining about it.

Needless to say, we will NEVER go back there, nor recommend it. Seriously, don’t go. Try somewhere else. May I recommend Manuel’s Mexican Restaurant? Excellent food!! And kids eat free on Wednesdays!
*And now I’m off to check on Erik. I hope I don’t find his cheese crisp and fries back in his bed. Poor kid, he must be miserable!*


  1. I’ve never eaten there and my gosh, what a horrible time indeed! I wouldn’t have paid for all that and I would have said something. B won’t but, I will if it’s completely inedible! That stinks!

  2. eastonsmom says

    I’ve heard that place wasn’t very good, and what you’re saying proves that for sure. Doesn’t it just make you sick to pay for food and service that are both terrible?? Thanks for letting us know where NOT to eat.

  3. I used to like 3 Margaretas. They had good Chicken Mole, which you can’t find everywhere. Too bad. We haven’t been there for a while.

  4. Yikes 🙁 I know what you mean about the midwest Mexican places, LOL. My husband is from Tucson and the first thing we do when we go back is get Mexican food!

  5. I could have told you not to go there, there is one really close to our house, and it would be so convient to eat there, but NO WAY!

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