Uh Oh

My 4 year old son has a new obsession-with his hair!
When we say prayers together at night, we always hug each other while we say them. Well, the other night he came out of the bathroom from brushing his teeth, and his hair was wet and ‘styled’. He wouldn’t hug me while we were saying prayers, and I asked him why.
He said, “Mom, I don’t want to mess up my hair!”

Also, on Sunday morning, Gary styled his hair for him after he got out of the shower. He used some gel and had it down and looking nice.
When we were in the car a few minutes later, Gary looked in the rear view mirror, then turned to me and said, “He re-did his hair.”
I looked back, and sure enough, it was done up like the above picture. He said he wanted to make it look “More better.”


  1. This is GREAT…has he been around Uncle Tony a lot lately??? I thought he had an awfully cool hairstyle in Sunday School.

    It’s only just begun!

  2. Handsome little man!

  3. eastonsmom says:

    It is “more better” that way πŸ™‚ You’ve been a super blogger lately. I will comment for all of them here…your kids are too cute on their bikes, and the parmesan chicken looks awesome (no wonder Easton ate so much of it!).

  4. uh oh is right! haha. Your little man hasn’t even begun has he? It’s a good thing he is such a cutie patootie

  5. Ha ha, I can totally relate to this one. My three year old actually added “please don’t let my hair get messed up” to his prayers last week after his new haircut. Sigh.

  6. What’s wrong with that hair do??? looks a lot like Jeremiah’s!

  7. This is hilarious!

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