Thank you all for your prayers and Praise God! He truly has heard each and every prayer and rewarded our faith and trust in His perfect will.
Gary’s grandma made it through the surgery last night OK and was in stable condition. They cleared out one side of her brain of the clots but felt that the other side had clots as well. They sent her for a CT scan to check and results showed more clots.
They thought she would need another surgery to take care of those, but were waiting to hear back from her main dr.
The family was told that no news was good news, so they waited. Gary stayed all night at the hospital and heard nothing, so that was good.
Dr came in this morning and ordered another CT scan. Everything came back clear!
They removed the breathing tube she had and she continues to remain stable. She has been trying to pull out the IV’s and so she has been restrained a bit. But the dr’s seem amazed at how well she is doing at this point. She is not able to speak yet but can respond by nodding her head. The doctors say that only time will tell if there is any brain damage or not.
After the first news, I know it is only by God’s hand that she is doing so well.
Again, we want to thank you for your prayers. Please continue to pray for the family and decisions that need to be made. Although it looks like Margaret is progressing well, she will not be home any time soon. Her husband and mentally challenged daughter need proper care, and when Margaret can return home, she’ll most likely need assistance as well.


  1. I am so glad to hear that God pulled her through.. and he even got rid of her the clots they missed!! How awesome is our God??!!!

    I will be lifting you all up in prayer and the rest of your family.

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