Valentine’s Day-revisited and update on Gary’s grandma

After my last post about Valentine’s Day, I felt I needed to let everyone know how it went. =)

After giving the hubby a hard time about him being gone, I think it made him realize how important it was to me that we spend time together, and he rescheduled his plans! We went to lunch, just the two of us. It was very nice. In the evening, we put the kiddos to bed and talked and watched some television. We really had a nice day together. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful hubby! Oh yeah, and we didn’t bake cupcakes after all. My mom brought the kids Valentine’s cupcakes, gifts and cards, and Gary’s mom brought them chocolates and gifts for Valentine’s Day as well.

We went to see his grandma (Margaret) in the hospital after lunch. Wow, was that a sight. I thought I was prepared to see her. I knew her head was partly shaven and she had a large incision, but I was not prepared for what I saw. She looks horrible. Her head is shaven on one entire side, and her incision is very large. She was bruised purple all over her head and neck, and arms and hands too. She was literally purple all over. She was sleeping the entire time we were there. The ICU nurse said she’d been sleeping all day. It was his first time as her nurse, and he’d only seen her that way. He kept saying how this kind of head injury in a person her age is usually terminal, and he told us about sending another elderly woman to hospice recently, etc. Gary just looked at him and said, “Well, I’m sure grandma will be back to normal in no time.” The ICU nurse looked at Gary, shook his head and looked down at the charts. But Gary had been there the evening before and his grandma had been awake and responsive. They watched the All Star basketball game together and she was even responding to the game. Anyway, while we were there the nurse tried waking her, but she opened her eyes only for a second, looked at Gary and groaned and then fell immediately back to sleep.

Yesterday afternoon after church, Gary went back up to see her. She had been sleeping most of the day and was very groggy when awake. He asked her if she wanted one of the elders of our church to come and administer to her and she nodded her head yes. My uncle went up there and administered to her. Within minutes after he left, Margaret was awake and very alert. She was responsive to Gary and his questions. She was moving her tongue around and so Gary asked if she was thirsty and wanted a drink. She shook her head yes, so Gary asked the nurse (a different one) if he could give her a drink. The nurse was concerned because his grandma had been in and out of consciousness all day and worried that she may choke. Also, she hadn’t been given a swallow test yet (and hadn’t been given anything to eat or drink since she’s been in the hospital), so the nurse was not sure how she would do. When Gary told her that his grandma was awake and very alert and responsive, the nurse agreed to try. Gary said to her, “Grandma, if you want a drink, stick out your tongue.” and she stuck it out immediately. He gave her some water and she swished it around and swallowed! They kept doing this, and she was coughing up mucus and blood that had been stuck in her throat and dried there for days (ick!). Poor thing! The nurse was amazed, not only at her alertness and responsiveness, but at the fact that she could swallow and hack up the junk in there too. The nurse said that was a huge (and unexpected) step forward! She was shocked.

Well, we aren’t surprised at all. We know God has heard all of the prayers that have been lifted up on her behalf, and we also know He gives blessings upon administration. I myself have had immediate blessings when I’ve been administered to, and I know God gave Margaret an immediate blessing. Gary and I are only bummed that his family wasn’t there to witness it.

I am excited to see what other blessings the future holds for her. Gary is going back up there today after work, so if there are any more major changes to share, I’ll let you know! Thanks so much for your prayers for her and the family. God is so good!


  1. I am so glad to hear the good news that she seems more responsive!! I know it must be a scary time!

  2. I’m so glad you had a nice day after all! it’s always nice to spend time together! It’s so awesome to hear of the blessings that can occur when faith and prayer are at the helm!

  3. Praise God! He is mericful and mighty.

  4. eastonsmom says:

    I am so glad to hear about Gary’s grandma!! God has been hearing our prayers and blessing her. Glad you guys had a nice Valentines Day too, and time without the kids!

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