Valentine’s Day

I guess I’m not one who is really big on Valentine’s Day. I don’t need flowers or jewelry or a nice dinner out (isn’t my hubby a lucky guy?!). I would like to spend time with the hubby though.
I was informed by the hubby on Tuesday night that he plans on golfing with a few friends on Saturday evening. I don’t know if this means golfing all 18 holes or just going to the driving range (which is well lit and can, therefore, be done after dark), but this does mean that he’ll be gone…On Valentine’s Day.
When I sweetly reminded him that Saturday is Valentine’s Day, his response was something like, “I don’t celebrate pagan holidays”. Smarty pants. I assumed this was a joke and that he would change his plans to next weekend.
At church last night, I overheard him asking a friend of his if he is interested in going as well. Guess that means he’s still planning on going.
So I suppose that leaves me and the kids.
Ever since Logan heard me listening to the BlogTalkRadio show, Mom2Mom, about ideas and activities to do with your kids on Valentine’s Day (and yes, to gain entry into the iPod giveaway at From Dates to Diapers and Beyond), he’s been very excited about Valentine’s Day.
So, I guess we’ll celebrate by baking cupcakes and making a mess decorating them with pink frosting and sprinkles. The kids will love it, we’ll all love eating them, and it will give me something to do so I’m not brooding about the hubby leaving me.
I’ll save that for after the kids go to bed (while I eat the rest of the cupcakes).


  1. AWww.. bless your heart! Cupcakes sound fun though!! Can I come?

  2. Doesn’t he celebrate Christmas?? haha you know I’m only joking! You can go to the chocolate tea Becky’s having. I’m not sure what we’ll be doing since we have both kids. As long as you get a special day, it doesn’t matter if it’s on V day. You can be my valentine! πŸ˜‰

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