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Last week, Erin from The Mom Buzz did a review on the new Bic Soleil Bella disposable razors. She liked them, and I thought it sounded worth a try. I commented on her review, and got an email from Erin later that day. Being the sweetheart she is, she offered to send me a coupon for $3 off! That’s half off the price of the 3 pack!! Of course I took her up on it, and 2 days later they were here. 2 days from Florida to here (Arizona)! That’s crazy fast!

Anyway, I happened to check the mail on my way out to WalMart, so it worked out perfectly. I picked some up at WalMart (it cost me $2.77 for the 3 pack), and tried out the razor the next day.


You know how it’s almost impossible to get the little hairs off of your knees without shaving over and over and over them? Half of the time I have to get those once I’m out of the shower and dried off, with my husband’s razor. =) Well, the Bic Soleil Bella got those!! AND my underarms were smoother than they’ve been since, uh, I don’t know how long!

I definitely recommend them! I think the $6 price for 3 razors is pretty good, but if you can find a coupon, they’re even more worth it! Erin’s post has a link to get a coupon from the Bic website. I also found one while cutting coupons from the paper the other day.

Just try em! I bet you’ll love them too!


  1. I will have to check it out next time I go shopping. I always have terrible luck with razors…..maybe I just don't know how to use them properly? LOL!

  2. I'll have to check them out too! Now that summer is here, I'm starting to bust out all my dresses and skirts and I need a good new razor!

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