Christmas Traditions

There are a few Christmas Traditions in our family.

First, I remember growing up we would go look at Christmas lights with my mom. Living in the city, there are TONS of homes that decorate, and so many really go all out with the lights. Mom would get the map from the newspaper and map out our route, then load us up in the car and off we went to look at lights!

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Second, ever since I can remember, my Granddad has told us the Christmas story before we opened presents at his house with the family. He always wanted us to remember the real reason we celebrate Christmas; The birth of our savior, Jesus Christ. The talk is still given to this day, although my uncle has taken over a few times in telling the story, one year complete with a PowerPoint slide show of photos!
The traditions we’d like to do with our kids are the same. We’ve gone and looked at lights every year since the kids were born, and they love it! They also hear the Christmas story on Christmas day from Granddad (or Uncle Joel).

Last night I started something new that I plan on doing from now on…

After Christmas last year, my mom picked up a Playmobil Nativity Set on clearance at Target. I had completely forgotten about it until Gary got out the Christmas decorations today! So tonight before bed, I got out my Bible (later reverting to the kids’ Children’s Bible since it was easier for them to understand), and began reading the Christmas story. I stopped at Christ’s birth, and then let them set up those pieces from the nativity scene (the stable, Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus in the manger, the donkey and a cow). Tomorrow we will read a bit more and let them set up more of the scene until it is complete. They loved it, and hopefully it will help to remind them daily of the true reason we celebrate. Someday I’ll have a fancier nativity scene, but for now the Playmobil set is perfect for them!

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  1. Your traditions are just wonderful! The kids have helped me set up the nativity scene but I never thought to read the story at the same time.

    We usually go look at Christmas lights after we leave the Christmas Eve service at church. πŸ™‚

  2. My grandfather died when I was a baby but he wrote a Christmas Story that we still read today. It's a great family tradition and we read it every year before we're allowed to go 'see what Santa brought us.' I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who remembers what the holiday is about. πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  3. I like those! When we got married I started doing the Christmas lights with my step son. We put the christmas music on and go check out the lights. Kaia is enjoying all of this so much more this year. I can't wait.

    I will have to read her a nativity story. I still need to buy a book. She does have her childrens bible too.

  4. Jolly Mom says:

    Your traditions are beautiful–I love that your mom took the time to actually plan the route. We're taking Lucas to look at lights this year too–can't wait!

  5. I love the new tradition you started! I've always thought it would be neat to have a play nativity for the kids, so I'll have to look into the Playmobil one!

    I hope you get a fancier nativity scene for yourself too. I love the one I have! (It's a small Precious Moments one that my parents got me while I was in high school.) I love being able to display it each year πŸ™‚

  6. I have been working on incorporating more Christ into our Christmas this year. We don't “skip” it at all, but my daughter understands more now and I want to talk about Jesus' birth in a more real way. I love the Nativity Set idea. I'm going to get one this weekend!

  7. I love you put up the Nativity an Read the Christmas Story. I bet the boys would love to do this. I'll have to pick one up so I can do the same.

  8. Wonderful traditions. I've got to find a good nativity set. Thanks for the reminder!

  9. Love your new tradition… So creative and what a great why to get the kids involved…

  10. I really wanted to do the same with our nativity set this year, but, I have no idea where I will set it. It is still in the closet!

  11. We have a Playmobil set as well. What a wonderful way to “set” yours up! Great memories!

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