Sick day(s)

Just a quick note to let you all know I’m sorry I have been MIA from your blogs these past few days! 2 of my kiddos have had the stomach flu for the past 3 days and today is the first that they’ve felt good enough to let me leave their side (besides when they’re sleeping). As if dealing with all the nastiness isn’t bad enough, being pregnant on top of it is so much worse! If my sense of smell were not so keen right now it would be better, but wow… Yep, wow pretty much sums it up. Thankfully the rest of us have escaped catching it so far. Let’s hope it stays that way!

I’ll be by to visit soon! Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I hope the sickies get better soon and no one else gets it!

  2. I hope you all feel better real soon!!

    We all had it last week, with the exception of me. I guess the Lord spares Mama's because we have to take care of everyone=)

  3. Oh no hope they get feeling better soon. Hope you try to have a good weekend though.

  4. Oh, No! How horrible, especially when you are pregnant. I hope everyone feels better soon and you get a much-needed break!

  5. hope they're all feeling better soon mama! I got a stomach bug right after I found out I was pregnant, it was yucky and no fun! Hoping you don't get it

  6. Oh that sounds just awful! Glad to hear they are doing better, and I remember the whole pregnancy sense of smell thing! Hang in there mom!

  7. eastonsmom says

    Don't you just love that heightened sense of smell?? Hopefully this sickness is on it's way out of your house for good. So glad you haven't gotten it.

  8. I hate when Jayden is sick and he is only 1.. can't imagine 2 sick.. while being pregnant. Hoping you don't get it…

  9. I hope they're feeling better now and that you were able to enjoy your weekend! 🙂

  10. I'm hoping that the weekend has healed everyone and you're feeling better over there!

  11. Oh sweetie I hope all feels better soon!

    You take care sweetie. HUGS

  12. I hope everyone is feeling better! Have a great holiday weekend 🙂

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