Cloth Wipes and Wipe Solution; What’s your opinion?

Along with cloth diapering we’ve decided (I guess I should say I decided) that we will also be using cloth wipes. Gary is still a bit “icked out” with the idea of poopy diapers that have to be washed, let alone adding wipes into the mix.

I’ve won a few cloth wipes and have also purchased some flannel to make more. What I’d love to hear from you is, how many cloth wipes do you have? What would you consider a “full set”? Any brand of wipes you prefer? Any you can’t stand?

Also, what kind of wipe solution do you use? Do you make your own, or do you have a favorite brand you like to purchase? And do you use a spray bottle for your solution, or do you put your wipes in a wipe warmer or pop-up box and add the solution to them?

Can’t wait to hear your expertise!


  1. People make their own wipes solution? That's brilliant!

  2. you already know most of my thoughts! πŸ™‚ I have about 20-odd, but you'd need lots more for the newborn poop. I'd guess 40.

    I liked Fuzzibunz flannel, but haven't used them for the bottom – they were so soft and nice I've just used them as feeding washcloths (easy to tell which is his in the kitchen). My homemade flannel wipes are probably 5×7 and one layer and perfect for me.

  3. I have only tried 2 different wipes so here's my wipes story… My cousin made me 20 flannel/terry wipes and they rule. I won some other wipes and I think they might be bamboo, not sure, but I dont like them as much. I like to use the terry side for the first wipe clean up then fold it so I can clean the rest with a clean soft spot. Works great. I wish I had a few more though. I think 40 would be PLENTY!
    About solutions… I started off making my own with olive oil, tea tree oil and bronners baby. That did not work. I dont have a sink near the changing table so I keep a pump pot (like for coffee) of warm water near by to get the wipes wet. It doesn't work well to put anything but water in the pot and sometimes you just want to wipe with water. PLUS I'm fairly certain it made my BGOS start repelling. Then I tried Kissluvs Diaper Potion. I mixed that with Witch Hazel and I liked that better but not my fav. So what I use now, and like the best, is California Baby diaper area wash. works great. easy to throw in the diaper bag and easy to get at Target.

    hope that helps!! πŸ˜‰

  4. Oh girl your better than I better! I'm no help here.

    LOVE the header sweetie πŸ™‚

  5. Mrs. Marine says

    I had flannel wipes from Cotton Babies. Base the number you need on how many cloth diapers you have. A safe bet would be 2 wipes per diaper. I made my own solution in a spray bottle. I put a little drop of Johnson's baby wash in the bottle and filled it with water. Then just squirted the wipe when I was ready to use it. It worked great for me! I would think leaving the wipes sitting in liquid, they would get that moldy smell (The way clothes smell if you forget them in the washer)…
    My husband was a little unsure about cloth diapers at first, but once he had to change a few he was fine.. Of course I was the one who always did the washing…
    Going cloth is a wonderful decision, good for you!

  6. We have 50 bummas… I'd say on average, we use about 3 wipes per diaper change, multiplied by # of diaper changes for a day and then by how many days between washing…

    Wipes solution… I made my own, with coconut oil, water, and baby soap. As long as it was warm it worked, since the coconut oil solidifies at 76 degrees.

    There's some good recipes for wipe solutions on this site:

    I've also tried Buddha Bunz's wipe solution and it's pretty good. We use about 1 teaspoon for a 4 oz spray bottle.

    Haven't won a wipes warmer, but I guess I probably wouldn't spend money on getting one anyway… too many diapers I'd rather try! πŸ™‚

    I'm looking forward to hearing what you decide!

  7. So glad you asked this question b/c I had been wondering the same thing. πŸ™‚

  8. I have about 12 baby washcloths (at Rite Aid they're even cheaper than they are at Target, but i don't know what stores you have near you) that I use as cloth wipes. I also made probably more than 12 wipes out of old flannel. I cut them about 6×8 inches and serged the edges. They all work well.

    I don't think a solution is necessary. I wet a wipe right before the diaper change. you can keep a spray bottle of warm water next to your diapers. I usually use 2 for a poopy, and often zero wipes when it's just pee because I've heard you don't need to wipe the baby because urine is sterile. I make sure to let her air dry.

  9. I got some flannel ones from etsy, made some out of a fleece blanket I wasn't using and got some with a set up 12 Smartipants from Kelly's closet. I had alot, basically enough to fill up a disposable wipes tub. It was enough but not too much. I made my own wipes solution with warm water and johnson's baby soap (in the yellow bottle). Worked wonders for me! Good Luck!

  10. We use Wee Essentials Wipe cubes, and LOVE THEM!! Plus my one thing that I can recomend….get a wipes warmer. Totally worth every penny. Kaitlynn hated cold wipes, and I hated not having them pre-moistened. So this worked out awesome for us!

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