BabyBond nursing cover review

I am blessed to have been able to exclusively breastfeed each of my four children. That said, I have never been one who is comfortable being uncovered while nursing in public. This made going out very difficult with my first child. I knew about nursing covers, but figured I could use a blanket and save money. I quickly discovered that he could not stand to be covered with a blanket while nursing. Many outings resulted in sitting in my car or (ick!) in a restroom to feed him. If only BabyBond were around then! BabyBond would have been the perfect solution for us.

BabyBond nursing accessories cover mom, not her baby. Mom is able to maintain her modesty. Baby remains uncovered benefiting from the infinite opportunity to make eye contact, interact, and communicate. After all, dining is social.

I was sent the BabyBond Flex to review. Now that Connor is born and we are nursing, it’s wonderful to have this. While he doesn’t mind being covered with a blanket while nursing, I hate to do it to him. Not only do I love looking at his beautiful face, but it gets HOT under that blanket! The Baby Bond allows me to nurse him without missing out on that special bonding time, as well as eliminating having a sweaty baby when he’s all done eating.The only thing I have found difficult about using the BabyBond Flex is that I have to nurse from the top of my shirt. I have to be wearing a shirt that has a low-cut neckline or is stretchy enough to be pulled down without looking stretched out when I’m done. If that could be an issue for you, opt for the BabyBond Couture instead!

Buy It: You can purchase a BabyBond for $35. But wait!! Currently BabyBond is offering a 75% discout on their site for any reader who orders a BabyBond on Now you will be able to buy 2 BabyBonds for less than $46!! All you need to do is email a copy of your receipt from Babies R Us to, and she will reply with a 75% off discount code to order another BabyBond on their site with 75% off.

What an amazing deal! Be sure and take advantage of this deal soon, as it won’t last forever!!

BabyBond and sent me the aforementioned item free of charge to help facilitate my review. These are my honest opinions on the product.
Please see my terms of use for more information. A big thank you to BabyBond for allowing me to review this item!


  1. Great Review.. And that is a great deal.

  2. I'm glad you mentioned the fact about low cut or stretchy shirts with the Flex… I was thinking I liked Flex best from the description on the website. But I prefer not to wear low cut shirts, so…

    Thank you for sharing…. That is a great deal.

  3. There wasn't anything like this when I needed it!

  4. This looks great. I always used blankets with Gavyn. Zoe I had a cute coverup!

  5. I wish I knew about these kinds of things while I was nursing! Very neat! Like you, I'd probably stuggle with the Flex (don't wear much low-cut), but the Couture would be/have been awesome!

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