Almost 7 months old

My baby is almost 7 months old already. Where has the time gone?!  Every day he is learning more and more.

He is a happy baby and smiles at pretty much anyone, anytime. 

He has 2 teeth now, is sitting up with no issues, and is *this close* to crawling.  I took this video earlier this week, but since then he’s even closer. He has actually crawled a few steps without realizing… He was on a mission to get to his brothers and their blocks. I keep thinking it’s going to be any day now, but who knows?

Since he is not quite crawling yet, he is frequently frustrated with his lack of ability to keep up with his older siblings.  Because of this, he prefers being held (or worn), being in his walker (where he can run around freely), or being pushed in the stroller.

I have found my Moby Wrap and Ergobaby carrier to be lifesavers.  When all else fails, they don’t.  I recently tried a sling I’ve found to be pretty handy too.  Check out my review on Go Graham Go!

Not long ago, the kids thought it would be fun to put him in Brooke’s baby stroller and push him around. He LOVES it!

As fast as these last 7 months have gone, I know the next will go equally as fast.  And while I’m sad that he’s quickly growing out of the baby stage, I am loving watching him discover new things each day.

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  1. I love that smile!! Too cute!

    Baby carriers are the greatest, aren't they!?

    The kiddos pushing Connor around in the play stroller is super cute! They have to love having a baby brother! 🙂

  2. aw my daughter is going to be 9 months on the 18th and she doesnt even get on her knees like that 🙁 She locks up her knees when we try to put them under her, lol.

    she's just a lazy butt that likes to be held though so it's probably our fault for not putting her down more often.

    Connor is doing so good though. It's so cute when they rock back and forth like that. My 1st did that too.

  3. awww he is so cute.

    Jayden would rock like that and literally 2 days after he turned 7 months he just up and crawled across the living room floor and never looked back. Of course he was after my cell phone. LOL!

  4. What an adorable guy! You can tell his siblings adore him too.

  5. desertmama says:

    That first picture of his huge smile is adorable! I love it! I can't believe he's 7 months already either! I can't wait till he and his favorite cousin will be running around playing like their older brothers do!

  6. OMGosh, love the stroller picture lol. How neat to have a video of him, perfect little boy!

  7. He is adorable, they are all adorable!

  8. Wow – I am impressed – you took a fabulous picture of all 4 of your kids looking at the camera and smiling at the same time – that is success!

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