Playskool toys review: Tonka Chuck & Friends Big Air Dare DVD and Tumble Tower Playset, Alphie Maestro-Bot, and Wheel Pals Farmstand Playset

The Playskool brand of toys has been around forever. Seriously.  Chances are many of the toys you played with as a kid were Playskool toys, and the same can be said for the toys our kids play with today.  Playskool continually creates great toys for kids, from recreating the classics to creating amazing new toys that will surely become classics as well.

We were sent an awesome package of Playskool toys to review.  My kids were thrilled!

First, we reviewed Tonka’s Chuck & Friends Big Air Dare movie.  It is such a fun, bright movie with a good message.

Chuck the Dump Truck and Flip the Race Truck meet for the first time. Each truck shares his special talents.  Chuck is great at lifting and building. Flip can race fast and do incredible stunts. Competition sparks, and the trucks challenge each other to a contest. Chuck creates a stunt course and tries to do better tricks than Flip.  Flip builds a tall tower and tries to climb higher than Chuck. In the end, the trucks learn a valuable lesson: they need each other to succeed.  Will the trucks become friends?  Find out in this action packed adventure.

It is great to have a kids’ movie reinforcing a great lesson we try to teach them: Each of us has different talents.  We can’t always do what others can, but they can’t always do what we can do either and that’s what makes us each unique and special! My kids loved the story line, and the music too!  There are a few fun songs throughout the movie that are very catchy, especially the theme song by Clint Black!  You’ll often hear my 3 year old walking around singing, “Chuck the Truck, I’m Chuck the Truck”.  So cute!

Also included on the DVD are some fun Bonus Features; sing alongs, animated storybooks, A Look Behind the Scenes, and Meet the Characters!

This toy is just like part of the tall tower that Flip the Truck built in the movie!  As soon as the kids saw this they were ready to tear open the box and play with it.  They love the moving parts and all the fun sounds it makes.  I love that when they’re done playing with it, they can park Chuck inside the tower, fold up the ramps and it is nice and compact and easy to put away!  My 3 year old has spent so much time putting Chuck on the ramp, raising it up and watching Chuck tumble down making tons of noise!
Next, We were introduced to one of the Alphie Databots, Maestro-Bot, and were so excited to meet him!  
Alphie Databot Maestro-Bot is the kids’ new favorite toy.  How could he not be?!  He has so many fun and educational features.  There are a few different modes:

-Explore Mode, which plays different instrument sounds and also allows you to record the music you play.
-Find It Mode, a great learning game which asks your child to find different shapes (marked on different buttons) or different colors (which are on the keys).
-Concert Mode, the kids’ favorite.  The kids can play music in this mode. Maesto’s helmet switches faces, which show how to play different songs.  All they do is follow the colored pattern on the face and they plays a song, like Three Blind Mice, Mary Had a Little Lamb and Twinkle, Twinkle!  The kids constantly echo him when he says, in a sing-song voice, “That was a masterpiece” after they’ve played their song.

The last toy we reviewed was the adorable Wheel Pals Animal Tracks Fill ‘er up Farmstand Playset, a cute, interactive toy.

When this WHEEL PALS horse vehicle gets “hungry”, nothing will stop him! Your child can set the vehicle up at the end of this country road-themed playset and then press the tree to launch it. As the horse vehicle zips by, an apple “disappears” — just as if he ate it! Every time your child presses the tree, the fun just keeps rolling!

Connor was a bit young to fully understand how this toy worked, but he loved playing with the horse and watching us set it up and get it rolling, causing the apple to disappear. The kids enjoyed showing him how it worked, over and over and over.  Mostly, he loved chewing on the horse. I know this will be tons of fun for him once he’s a bit older!

We are so excited to have these awesome toys to add to our collection.  They’ve already gotten more use than many of the toys the kids own!!  Thank you Playskool!

Playskool sent me the aforementioned items free of charge to help facilitate my review. No other compensation was received.  These are my honest opinions on the product. Please see my terms of use for more information. A big thank you to Playskool for allowing me to review these items!


  1. What fun! Thanks for the pics!

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  3. My son is obsessed with Chuck! He plays with it all the time and makes me read the books to him!

  4. You reviewed some great stuff. thanks for the ideas.. thinking nephew's birthday and Christmas.

  5. My son would love these toys! I'm now following you back from the hop! –Christine at Why We Love Green

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