A Blogtastic Extravaganza 2.0 Sponsor Spotlight: Toilet Tree Products *Early Entries*

We had a mirror in the shower that my husband uses when he shaves his face.  It’s tiny and is almost impossible to see in because it fogs up and is difficult to get off.  I have not tried to find another mirror, as I assumed all mirrors fogged up in the shower…  Makes perfect sense to me!
So when I heard about the Toilet Tree Fogless shower mirror I was intrigued.  Could it be possible to have a mirror in the shower that we didn’t have to wipe fog off of constantly?

When the package came I got it out and read the directions.  It was super easy to set up.  Just a quick cleaning of the my shower tiles, a few double sided tape tabs here, a bit of silicone there and I had the bracket placed.  I waited the required 24 hours for the silicone adhesive to dry, then attached the mirror and hurried to try it out!

The way the mirror remains fogless is with a water reservoir at the back of the mirror.  You fill the reservoir with hot water, reattach the mirror to the bracket, and the water neutralizes the fogless shower mirror and air temperature to eliminate fogging!

It really works!  It was awesome to be able to wash my face without having to wipe the mirror, and my husband was thrilled to be able to shave without worrying about a foggy mirror as well.  When done using the mirror, simply dump out the water, use the included squeegee to clean the mirror, then place the squeegee in the holder at the bottom of the mirror! So handy!

There are more nice features about this mirror.  The mirror is nice and large, but not too large that it takes over the shower wall.  It measures 6.5in x 8.5in x 1.5in and is super lightweight at just 1 pound.  The mirror can be adjusted up or down, so after my tall husband uses it to shave, I can tilt it down to wash my face rather than having to stand on my tip toes to see.  It also has a nice shelf below the mirror where you can keep your razor or tweezers or whatever you’d like! And it’s designed not to rust, discolor or damage your shower tiles.  If you want to move it, simply pull it off the wall and then reapply silicone to the bracket and place it where you want!

We are thrilled to finally have a mirror we can use without worry about the fog!  As mentioned, it was easy to assemble, easy to clean, and works awesome!  I’d definitely recommend this for anyone who wants to deal with foggy mirrors no more!  Try it, I know you’ll love it! And if by some chance you don’t love it (not likely!), Toilet Tree offers a 30 Day, no risk, unconditional 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

Buy It: The Toilet Tree Fogless Shower Mirror can be purchased on Amazon.com for $29.95!

Win It: Toilet Tree Products has generously offered a Fogless Shower Mirror, a $29.95 value, to our winner as part of the “For the Home” package!

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Toilet Tree Products sent me the aforementioned product to help facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. These are my honest opinions on the product. Please see my terms of use for more information. A big thank you to Toilet Tree Products for allowing me to review this item, and for offering a prize for the giveaway!

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