Back In Fluff: Monkey Doodlez- The Laundry Tarts review and coupon code

Monkey Doodlez is a Canadian company that sells cloth diapers and cloth diaper accessories.  They sent me a newer product they are carrying, The Laundry Tarts (TLT) detergent, to review.

TLT is an all-natural detergent that is hypoallergenic, 100% vegan and free of a whole slew of less desirable stuff such as phosphates, phthalates, parabens, and chlorine (to name a few).  However, this doesn’t mean you aren’t getting a good detergent! TLT uses natural, safe, old-fashioned ingredients to help remove stains, keep whites bright and remove odor and bacteria.  TLT is safe for HE machines, sensitive skin, and- what means most to me- cloth diapers!

I love the variety of scents available!  There are 11 different choices:
-Plain Jane (unscented)        -Black Forest Cake
-Pina Colada                         -Key Lime Pie
-Apple Pie                             -Root Beer Float
-Strawberry Shortcake          -Banana Bread
-Birthday Cake                      -Bubble Gum
-Gingerbread Cookies (Limited time only)

We received the Key Lime Pie and the Strawberry Shortcake scents, and they both smell so yummy!

The appearance of TLT was noticeably different.  First, the list of ingredients is minimal at only 5 ingredients.  I looked at the regular detergent I use, as well as 2 other cloth diaper detergents I have, and couldn’t find an ingredient list anywhere on the packaging. Hmmm? Also, I’m used to detergents being a fine white power, but TLT has the white powder and some off-white waxy-type chunks.  Being as it looked different and has very few ingredients, I was curious to see if it would really work and work well.

I gave it the best test I could… I washed stinky cloth diapers!  I’m happy to share that this detergent passed our test.  The diapers came out bright white and free of stains, and smelled clean and fresh.  Connor, like most babies, has a very sensitive tooshie that immediately reacts if there is any residue at all on the diapers, and we had no issues after using this detergent!

Buy It: The Laundry Tarts detergent is available from Monkey Doodlez and other retailers for $21.95 for a 4 lb bag (72-144 loads).  Use coupon code “Jacobsen15” from now until October 27, 2011 and receive 15% off any TLT purchase, including detergent, samples, stain sticks and shaker bon-bons, at both Monkey Doodlez and participating retailers selling TLT!  *Monkey Doodlez has been experiencing issues with the shopping cart providing inaccurate quotes, so they advise ignoring the quote provided. They only charge actual shipping.*

Monkey Doodlez sent me the aforementioned items free of charge to help facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. These are my honest opinions on the product. Please see my terms of use for more information. A big thank you to Monkey Doodlez  for allowing us to review this detergent!


  1. I am always on the lookout for a new detergent to try on my cloth diapers (and other clothes)! Thanks for the review!

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