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I don’t know any mom- or woman for that matter- who doesn’t like to be pampered every once in a while.  We all have different ways we like to be pampered, some which are much more expensive than others.  But what if you don’t have the money to go get pampered the way you like best, or the time to devote to it? How about pampering yourself with an at-home facial with a Montagne Jeunesse masque?! Montagne Jeunesse masques are the perfect way to beautify your skin!  All Montagne Jeunesse masques are made with only natural ingredients.  They are never tested on animals, are vegetarian approved and eco-friendly!  Each masque comes in its own sachet and there are many types and flavors to chose from.

I was able to try 3 different Montagne Jeunesse masques; the Pore Cleansing Fruit Smoothie Masque, the Warm Exfoliating Crystal Masque, and the Cucumber Purifying Peel-Off Masque.  These were each different from one another, but all awesome!  I’ll be honest, I haven’t tried a mask since high school, and the last time I got a facial was before my wedding, almost 9 years ago!  I was curious to see how I would like these and how they compared to what I remembered…

First I tried the Pore Cleansing Fruit Smoothie Masque, made with raspberry and mango.  It’s made from all natural ingredients, so there were no funky chemical smells.  It smelled so good, just like, well, a fruit smoothie!  It went on smooth, and just like the traditional masks you are probably used to, it began to dry quickly, making me feel like I couldn’t smile or speak.  After I washed it off, my skin felt clean and refreshed; it was wonderful!

**Funny story: You know the scenes you see on movies and TV, where the lady comes out with the mask on her face and freaks everyone out? Well, this happened to me!  I was just coming out of my room after applying the mask, and met my 4 year old coming down the hall after waking up to get a drink.  He jumped back with a terrified look on his face, before I spoke to him and he realized it was me.  Too funny!  Even if the mask was horrible- which it wasn’t!- it would have been so worth it just to have that moment… I’m so mean! Ha!

Next I tried the Warm Exfoliating Crystal Masque, made with honey and passion fruit.  Again, it smelled SO good!  It did not look or feel like a traditional mask.  It is a clear-orange goo.  As it is made with honey, it went on as you’d expect honey to go on…Gooey and sticky.  I like that it has little sugar cane crystals and dead sea salts in it, helping to exfoliate and polish my skin. I have to be honest, it was hard to get over the odd feeling of it on my face. Plus, this mask didn’t dry and harden, so I honestly sat with it on my face for probably 45 minutes before I remembered I had it on and needed to wash it off.  But my face, again, felt clean and refreshed.

Last I tried the Cucumber Purifying Peel-Off Masque.  This one was fun, as it peels off!  The directions say not to use on your face if you have sensitive skin or breaks in your skin.  Not too long ago my face started breaking out horribly, so I did have breaks in my skin. However, I had to review this mask too, so I went ahead and put it on.  It did burn a little, since it is a water and alcohol base, but it wasn’t bad and went away within a few seconds. I left it on for the suggested amount of time.  After the “peel” my skin felt so soft! It is meant to strip away the dead skin, and I could tell it definitely did that! Even days later, my skin is still super soft!  This mask is one I really look forward to using again.

*I freaked my son out with this one too; he thought I was peeling off my skin. Ha!

I’m so glad I got a chance to try these.  With the affordable prices and the way my skin felt afterward, there’s no reason I can’t treat myself and do this once a week or more!  I saw quite a few of the Montagne Jeunesse products on a recent trip to Walmart.  It’s great to know I don’t have to go far to get these awesome products!

Buy It: Montagne Jeunesse masques can be purchased at Walmart and ULTA for under $3!  What a steal!

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Neoteric Cosmetics and sent me the aforementioned items free of charge to help facilitate my review. No other compensation was received.  These are my honest opinions on the product. Please see my terms of use for more information. A big thank you to Neoteric Cosmetics for allowing me to review this item!


  1. JamericanSpice says:

    I need a little of pamper myself.

  2. That stuff looks pretty cool! New GFC, Twitter, and FB follower from the weekend blog hop!

  3. I dont really care for the peal one but I love the face mask, thanks for stopping by my blog I am now following you back

  4. Kind of a fun trick to play on your son, and I think I'd kind of sorta find that peeling interesting, but the first one would be more normal.

  5. Love the photos. Its nice to have a little spa treatment even if its at home.

  6. Looks great! Following on twitter now!

  7. I love their masks! They work so well! i want to try out some of the foot masques and scrubs!

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