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Hiney Lineys is a diapering system unlike any other, created by a cloth diapering mom, Sheila, to tackle a common problem many cloth diapering mommies face (as she did herself); enjoying the affordability and ease of prefolds and covers but frustrated with the lack in moisture wicking abilities which caused skin irritations for baby, then enjoying pocket diapers for their moisture wicking abilities, but frustrated that each had to be washed after one use.

I wanted a diaper cover that could act like a pocket diaper but not have to be washed at every diaper change. When I could not find anything that worked that way, I put the pen to the paper. After much trial and error, the Hiney Lineys system was born…

The Hiney Liney diaper is a one-size cover, all-in-two (Ai2) or all-in-three (Ai3) diaper.  Use the versa cover over your favorite fitted diaper, with your favorite insert tucked under the snap-in liner, or use the All-In-Liney snapped onto the cover.  The All-In-Liney has the insert sewn onto the snap-in liner.  The versa cover comes in snap or hook & loop (velcro) in 9 different color options.

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I was excited when Sheila agreed to offer a diaper for us to review for Back In Fluff.  Then it came in the mail… We received the hook & loop diaper in the gorgeous seaspray color, with one chocolate liney!  It was unlike anything I’d ever seen or tried, and I was, well, completely intimidated.  I was afraid I’d do it wrong or mess it up and cause a complete mess. It sure was cute to look at though!

After looking at it in fear for a few days, I finally got on Hiney Liney’s website, watched the how-to video and felt comfortable enough to try it on Connor.  I grabbed one of my favorite prefolds, tucked it under the liner and put it on him.

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I am always a bit hesitant with velcro. While I like that it is easier and quicker to put on, often the velcro is much easier for Connor to unfasten.  The velcro on the versa cover holds strong, making it difficult for Connor to remove, and has a laundry tab to avoid the dreaded “diaper chain”.  The cover features 2 rows of snaps to adjust the rise for babies from newborn to potty training.  The exterior of the cover is waterproof PUL and the inside of the cover is a wipeable water resistant layer of nylon.  The liney is a soft suedecloth material, perfect against baby’s sensitive skin to wick away moisture.  Lastly, the elastic is snug enough to hold in messes without leaving marks on waist and thighs.

I let Connor run around in it for a while, curious to see if the liner would keep the prefold in place.  Then I put him down for nap in it, to test just how well it would work.  The liner kept the prefold in place and he woke up with no leaks!! It definitely wicked away the moisture, and even though the prefold I used in it was soaked, the liner still felt dry. Each time I put Connor in this diaper I am confident he will stay dry with no leaks, which is a relief.

I am happy to say I am no longer afraid of the Hiney Liney, and am quite embarrassed at my original fear and hesitation!  I am anxious to get a few more lineys so I can use this cover with my inserts/prefolds more often, although I do love that I can use it over the few fitted diapers I have! I’d also love to try the All-In-Liner and see how that works in comparison to the prefolds/inserts that I like to use with this diaper.

Buy It: You can purchase a Hiney Liney versa cover for $16.95.  All-In-Lineys and additional lineys are sold separately, and you can also purchase a package which includes a liney (or more). All are made in the USA!!

Keep up with Hiney Lineys on Facebook and Twitter, and be sure to check these sites to see when their new “secret” diaper accessory is available! I’m looking forward to finding out what it is!!!

Hiney Lineys sent me the aforementioned item free of charge to help facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. These are my honest opinions on the product. Please see my terms of use for more information. A huge thank you to Sheila of Hiney Lineys  for allowing us to review this fabulous diaper!


  1. this diaper system sounds like a fantastic idea and one step up from what best bottoms has done (they are my current favorite for being on the go). pockets and AIOs can be so expensive and take forever to dry. plus i have all these inserts hanging around already. i just wish i could justify more diapers and try this product out!

    if i ever go through a destash i would definitely consider replacing with something like this. great review!

  2. I've been using Hiney Liney's on my kids for over 2 years. Love them!

  3. Sounds like a good product. thanks for the review.

  4. I”m not a cloth diapering mama, but I love all the designs, so cute!

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