Delicious Dish Tuesday: Balti “Chicken Tikka” Masala with Basmati rice and Makhani Dal (buttered lentils)


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After visiting last week’s contributors to Delicious Dish Tuesday, my favorite recipe is Homemade Croutons, from Serving Joyfully!

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I used to work at a restaurant that had it’s own salad bar, and we made our own croutons. Well, I didn’t make them, but the restaurant did. They were croutons I’ve ever had. I’ve never thought of making my own, but after seeing this recipe (super easy by the way!) I will absolutely be making my own!

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This week I want to share our family’s new favorite meal: Balti “Chicken Tikka” Masala with Basmati rice and Makhani Dal (buttered lentils)! OK, so that’s definitely a mouth-full, but it’s an amazing meal!!
Some friends of ours spent many years stationed in India, and shared these amazing dishes with us! When she first made it, I couldn’t get enough and was so thrilled when she sent me the recipes!! I made this again the other night. We are always thrilled to have leftovers!

Full Time Mama
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  1. That meal puts my cooking skills to shame. Though I will be trying the crouton recipe soon!

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