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If there’s one thing I know I can get for my husband, it’s something sports or fitness related.  He’s been in a huge ‘get healthy’ kick lately, which means he’s been working out a lot more.  Running, mountain biking, and hiking are at the top of his list, though it’s likely you’ll see him doing push-ups, crunches, etc in our living room too.

After a day of mountain biking, my husband Gary came home wanting a watch. Not just any watch, however, but a watch with the time plus a stopwatch, and anything else fitness related that he could find.  So I began my search, and was so excited when I found EB Sport Group!

EB Sport Group has tons of fitness products for men and women, with 8 brands behind them including Everlast, Sportline, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Runner’s World, Bally Total Fitness, Valeo, and Prevention!

I found the perfect watch for my husband at Sportline, and it is everything he wanted and more!  We got the Duo 1060 Men’s watch. This watch is amazing.  It features continuous and on-demand heart rate monitoring, digital pedometer functionality to calculate strides, distance and speed, calorie burn tracker, plus a bajillion other features as well.  OK, maybe not a bajillion, but close, so much so that at first he got a bit frustrated trying to figure it all out.  A few things took quite a few steps, but once he slowed down and read the directions that came with the watch, he was thrilled with what he was able to do!

For instance, with the watch my husband received a year digital subscription to Men’s Health magazine.  He jumped right over to read up and found a workout routine suggested by an upcoming Olympic athlete that he wanted to try. It required him to run at specific intervals and track his heart-rate while doing so.  That would have been very difficult for him to do without this amazing watch. He went through the entire set up, creating parameters for his heart-rate and setting the intervals according to the workout routine. The Duo 1060 tracks his entire workout, beeping at the intervals specified to tell him when to change up his activity, and beeping when his heart-rate is above or below the parameters set.  This way he knows whether to increase or decrease his activity to reach his maximum potential.
The Duo 1060 has a one-touch heart rate monitor (very cool), but it also comes with a chest strap that is best to wear while you’re working out to avoid having to touch the watch and hold it there long enough to get your heart-rate.

Here he is after a workout, checking his progress.  Yes, it has memory and stores up to 7 workouts!

This is just a small slice of what this watch does.  It has significantly changed the way my husband works out.  He is eager to tell his friends about it, and now quite a few of them are looking into getting it as well!

He also received the Men’s Health Quick Adjust Resistance Band, which comes with a complete workout guide and DVD.
There is nothing more convenient and effective for building leaner, tighter muscles than the Quick Adjust Resistance Band…

This is a 0 to 5 ft latex band, which adjusts in seconds with the Turn-Key Technology.

My husband had never used resistance bands, and at first thought it seemed far too easy, that it couldn’t really offer a good workout. That is, until he went through and tried the different techniques shown on the DVD.  He quickly saw just how effective resistance bands can be!  He likes the change these bands offer in his workout ‘routine’.  The only thing he didn’t care for was the hard plastic handles.  While they work great for most of the different techniques, a few of the techniques cause the handles to band against his wrists, which can be very uncomfortable.  I tried it as well and found the same thing happened to me.  Thankfully though, there are only a few of the techniques that it happens with, so we just avoided those and stuck with the others instead!

I tried getting him to be serious in these pictures, but he just couldn’t… Though Connor was serious AND quite interested in using them!

EBSG Collage1

What I really love about this- besides the great workout- is that it can be packed to take on business trips, vacations, etc, and not miss out on a workout!  I know many men travel for business, and this is small enough to pack, even into a carry-on!

As I previously mentioned, these products have greatly improved my husband’s workout routine, and he’s thrilled to have been able to review them!

Buy It: Purchase the Duo 1060 Men’s watch from Sportline for $119.99, and the Men’s Health Quick Adjust Resistance Band from Sportline $29.99.

Win It:  Enter to win a Duo 1060 Men’s watch AND a Men’s Health Quick Adjust Resistance Band now during the Celebrating Dad event! Head over now to enter!!  Want extra entries? Visit Sportline and then comment below telling me which product they sell that you like best! Also, like Sportline on FB and follow Sportline on Twitter!


  1. OOO I'd love to win this. Hubby has been wanting to work out more lately. With his job change he doesn't get the same workout while at work.

  2. Hydracoach
    looks cool

  3. I love that watch and I would love to use it while I work out. I have been trying to get in shape myself.

  4. ooo i can so use that mens health quick adjust resistance band set. and i may purchase one for a blog reader to win while doing my SiseLEAN challenge Thank you for that review. it fits perfectly with my blog about health and fitness.

  5. This would be great for my hubby who is trying to work out more thanks for the info

  6. That looks and sounds great!! My husband would love this! Great Father's Day idea!! Thanks!

  7. This is very cool, although it is not something my hubby would ever use. I would definitely use it though!!

  8. I love this watch so much, would be great for my husband when he works out!

  9. Gary is hilarious in these pics. I love this watch and resistance bands 🙂

  10. I like the 345 Step, Distance & Calorie Pedometer.

  11. Ok I was looking at the pedometer but then I noticed the watch has one in it. That's way cool.

  12. Both of those are awesome products! My fiancee would love the watch & I would love the resistance bands!

  13. OMG I about peed my pants at those pictures of your husband goofing off while working out. That watch definitely looks awesome…. maybe it would get the hubby in a work out mood?

  14. My son in-law would SO love this!!

  15. Anonymous says:

    nice to have a convenient workout at your fingertips! these are great products and the Sportline brand seems to be reputable.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Sportline also has some great pedometers – easy to view and easy to use with less bells and whistles but all the important things – steps, miles, calories! keep moving that is the most important thing!

  17. Fave product they have: http://www.sportline.com/products/heart-rate-monitors/duo-1025-heartrate-womens.html

    heatherwhitford at ymail dot com

    heather abbe

  18. My husband would love this watch . He really needs a good one.

  19. I really like the 345 step distance and calorie pedometer.

  20. I like the hydrocoach. How cool is smart water bottle!

  21. The watch is very versitile it's awesome that it holds so many workouts.

  22. I like the 345 Step, Distance & Calorie
    Rachel Ellis on rc

  23. Misses Giveaways says:

    Sports line trax pedometer

  24. I like the Men's Health Quick Adjust Resistance Band


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