Wordless Wednesday: First peperoncini…

Spicy but he kept eating it! We like the spice! πŸ™‚

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  1. Ok, yah, that would be my face too, but I probably wouldn't keep eating it. lol

  2. What a cutie and I love the pickle face.

  3. Naomi Shapiro says

    Sour! He's so brave!

  4. oh that is so cute! Reminds me of when we gave my daughter a lime so we could see the squishy face but she ended up absolutely loving it!! kids are so silly

  5. eeek! My dad used eat peppers right out of the garden. I remember my brother (very young at the time) taking a real big bite one time. His face looked very similar. Kudos to your little one. My brother spit it out and started running around the house looking for water (he was eventually given milk).

  6. Wow! He's a tough one!

  7. I think I would have given up on it! LOL! Love his faces he's making πŸ™‚

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