Finding Balance

I get in a rut from time to time.  I am a mom and a wife, a homeschool teacher, a blogger, and a servant of God (not necessarily in that order).  All of these roles in my life take up time, and there are times when blogging becomes more of a chore than a hobby.

I enjoy love doing reviews and giveaways.  I know a lot of you like that I do reviews and giveaways.  I love to do them for you! I enjoy sharing new products with you guys; products and companies you may never have heard of, or new products from companies you’ve known and loved for years. When I walk around and wear or use something I’ve gotten for a review, I love to have people notice and ask about it, allowing me to share outside the blog as well.

I also enjoy blogging about myself, my family, our activities, yummy recipes and the like. I know some of you are here for those posts only, and may get tired of the reviews and giveaways. I have trouble finding a good balance, though I’m really trying hard.

Part of my struggle with personal posts is feeling like I have nothing of interest to share, nothing that would be intriguing enough for anyone to read.  Then I look at great “content” bloggers and realize that they’re interesting because they share it all.  I enjoy reading about their most recent shopping trip, their son’s baseball game or the storm they had last week.  I try to be more free with my personal posts but I still struggle with the thought, while I enjoy reading about those things with others, who would enjoy reading those things about me?

Next is the issue of time.  As a society we are always “too busy”.  I feel like this a lot.  However, I also know that you have time for what you make time for.  I am not always good about making enough time for God.  I spend time with my family, do what I need to do around the house, but then after I put the kids to bed I hop online to blog and network and chat on FB with my blogging friends. I LOVE it, but when I go to bed at night and decide I’m too tired to read my scriptures or spend time in prayer (more than a quick before bed prayer), I hate it.  I know I struggle with making sure the computer is not an idol in my life, and there are days I fail miserably.  I know it’s not ok, and I’m trying hard to find that balance as well.

All that to say, I’m really trying to balance my blog with as many personal posts as reviews and giveaways, and hope you’ll stick around and help me take my blog where I want it to go without my spending too much time doing so.  Because above all, I am a servant of God and I must be sure He comes first in my life, family second, blog last.

Thanks for reading and helping make this blog what it is!


  1. Cut yourself some slack, Alesha

  2. Naomi Shapiro says:

    I am similarly conflicted- it's so hard to do everything we want to, and to do it all well. Take time to step back if you need it. We'll all still be here!

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