Guest Post: A Rookie’s Guide to the Perfect Christmas Lunch

I’ve always loved Christmas lunch – family, friends, the turkey, the stuffing, roast potatoes and ham and trifle and pudding, I even love the silly paper hats! But that was before I had to do the actual cooking. My husband and I had just finished renovating our new home and, in a fit of Yuletide spirit, we decided to host Christmas dinner. Invitations were circulated, responses were received and, in no time flat, we were cooking a meal for 22 of our closest relatives. 22! Panic stations! It was time to call in the experts. It was time to call my mum.

Here’s what she said:

1. It’s all about timing and preparation. If you’re a rookie, don’t get too ambitious
on your first try. Keep it simple! Make up a few cheese and fruit platters, sprinkle
liberally with festive-looking cherries and rosemary, and voila; instant entrée.

2. For main course, get a turkey, get a cooked ham, order them well before time, pick
them up the day before Christmas. If you’re worried about quantities, you might
think about grabbing a couple of kilos of cooked prawns from your local fishmonger.
Prawns are also great because it’s one less thing to cook!

3. Peel your potatoes the day before and keep them in a bowl of water until ready to

4. Make a couple of simple green salads – they’re quick and easy.

5. Bread rolls in a basket are a great way to help feed the masses, too.

6. Now, if you’re strapped for time and don’t want to slave over a Christmas pudding
for hours, there’s no harm in getting a little creative. Why not give your guests a
chocolate treat, like Ferrero chocolates (Mum, you’re a genius!). The pretty foil
wrapping makes them both Christmassy-gorgeous AND delicious. Ferrero even offers
these incredible Christmas hampers that would just blow your guests away. And
while everyone’s devouring the Ferrero, you can finally take a seat and enjoy a few

7. Lastly, get someone else to do the washing up. You deserve a break!

Thanks, Mum.

This post was provided by Laura, who thanks to a bit of help from Mum is now a Christmas


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