Never Stop Learning Sponsor Spotlight: SmartLab Toys Glow-in-the-dark Lab

I was introduced to SmartLab Toys last year when I worked with them on a video review for one of their products.  I was thrilled with the toy, with the enjoyment of playing with it while still learning neat science/math concepts.  So when I signed up for this awesome Never Stop Learning event, I knew I’d have to contact SmartLab Toys!

SmartLab Toys has tons of amazing items to help your child find joy in learning, through arts, craft, and most especially through science.

This time we got to review the Glow-in-the-dark Lab!

My kids love anything that glows.  If they even think it glows they’re super excited. I knew this would be a perfect item for us to review!

First of all, this kit comes with a ton of stuff, including a lab book which instructs and encourages the kids to test out 20 projects to master 9 principles of science; all words which are super cool and most of which I probably won’t remember later, but we feel smarter now that we “mastered” them! LOL
-non-newtonian fluids
-carbon dioxide reactions
-crystal formation

The projects used to learn these principles are awesome! We’ve only gotten through a few of them, as they each take some time. Plus, we want to make it last!  The cool thing is a lot of the stuff can be reused, and what can’t can be found or modified in some way so these projects can be repeated over and over!  The lab book has easy to read, easy to understand instructions that would allow an older child to do on their own, but we- of course- wanted to do it together!

So here are a few of the experiments we’ve done so far:

Invisible Glow Ink:

I tried taking a photo of the message we wrote with the invisible glow ink once it was illuminated by the black light, but it wouldn’t come out right. It did work though, and it was super cool!

Glow Stick Luminescer

We learned about chemiluminescence and bioluminescence!

Glowing Growing Jelly Balls


We learned about superabsorbent polymers.

I am loving that the kids are learning and having a blast! Ask them and they can now tell you what chemiluminescence and bioluminescence are, and how they are different.  We were having so much fun doing these that we lost track of time and the kids were in bed late. They took the glow sticks to bed with them, of course, and begged to be able to do more “experiments” when they woke up. There are a few fun ones we are looking forward to doing, but we’ll have to head to the store for a few of the ingredients required that are not included in the kit. We’ll be making Glowing Slime as soon as we pick up some borax. Can’t wait (and yes, it’s as fun for me as it is for the kids)!

Do you know a child who would love to play with this? Maybe you can use it in your own homeschool curriculum?!  Head over to the Never Stop Learning giveaway post and enter to win your own now! **For 10 extra entries in the giveaway, leave a comment below telling me which SmartLab Toys product you like best!**


  1. I like the Bug Playground the best!

  2. Sprout House looks like a really fun toy!
    hungrymonkey09 at gmail dot com

  3. I like the All-Natural Spa Day! Dd would have a ball with her cousins making it!
    tvpg at aol dot com

  4. Sandy VanHoey says:

    I like the Indoor-Outdoor Microscope

  5. that looks like lots of fun!

  6. That looks like SO much fun! That fascinates ME- let alone Shane. 🙂

  7. love the indoor outdoor microscope
    debbie jackson,
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  8. My 9 year old granddaughter would love the Glitter Spa Lab.

  9. Indoor/outdoor microscope. They have some super toys!

  10. Naomi Shapiro says:

    Oh, wow- that looks like so much fun! My kids would both love Inside Out! The Human Body, especially the articulated model hand…

  11. Spa lab looks great!

  12. The fiber optics lab looks neat!

  13. Teresa Thompson says:

    Sprout House

  14. I like the Cupcake Decorating Studio the best.

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