Summer Activity Guide: Find a Vacation Church School

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This past week was our church’s annual Vacation Church School (and the reason it was so quiet around my blog last week too)!  Every year my kids go, and every year they look forward to the next, counting down the days.  Not only do they love spending time with their friends every single day, but they love learning about Jesus, learning and singing new songs, and doing fun crafts!

11/12 year old class working on the craft I found on Pinterest! 🙂
 My 3 kiddos singing and answering questions with their classes during the program

The group song with all the kids (3-15 year olds) was Blessings by Laura Story.  It brought me to tears. They sang with such zeal and it was beautiful. I recorded it all, but since I can’t blur out faces on a video I can’t share it.  Sure wish I could, you’d be in tears too!  If you haven’t heard the song before, you must check it out on YouTube or Spotify or where-ever you listen to music. It is truly a beautiful, meaningful song that has made my outlook on struggles in life totally different.

VCS is a great way to get your kids out of the house, learning great lessons and spending time with kids their own age! Many churches open their VCS to the public, so check the churches in your area and ask about VCS!


  1. I remember attending VBS (it's called Vacation Bible School here) when I was little and loving it! I plan to take Morgan and Blake for the 1st time this year 🙂

  2. Rebecca says:

    LOVE these pictures! Can’t wait for VCS this week 🙂

  3. Marlene says:

    This is a great suggestion for kids during the summer!

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