Summer Activity Guide: Keep cool in the pool!

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Living in Arizona, we survive our summers in the pool.  When it’s 110+ outside, there’s not much else you want to do when you’re outside than get wet!  We don’t have a pool, but many of our friends and family do, so if one pool is unavailable for the day we don’t despair.


If worse comes to worse, the public pools are always available! Sure they’re busy with people, but they’re cheap, and most have fun slides and kiddie pools or beach entries that make them perfect for even the littlest swimmers!

If you don’t know someone who has a pool, try your local pool! You might be surprised how much fun it is!

***PLEASE ALWAYS WATCH YOUR KIDS AROUND WATER!!  Even the best swimmers can still drown!!!***


  1. We are definitely keeping cool in the pool this year!!

  2. sometimes I wish we had a pool. We will use the neighbors sometimes, they only live there part time and gave us use of the pool anytime. Last week Jayden and I went swimming at a friends apartment pool and it was sooo nice.

  3. I’m glad we don’t have a pool to take care of, but happy so many are close by for us to share 🙂

  4. These are fun pictures of your family keeping cool!

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