Celebrating Friends: My Aunt

My Aunt Trish and I are close; Close in age, close in relationship. I was born just a week before my aunt turned 12, the first grandkid/niece/daughter in the family, and we lived at my grandparent’s house in the basement apartment.

It wasn’t until I was in my teens that we became ‘friends’ though, and as we’ve gotten older we’ve grown closer.  When Gary and I started dating we spent a lot of time over with my aunt and her husband.  Her husband and Gary are close in age, went to the same technical school and work the same job.  Matter of fact, after Gary graduated he and Trish’s husband worked for the same company and carpooled together!

Trish was one of my maids of honor for my wedding.
After many years of trying for a baby with no success, she and her husband decided to adopt.  They got the call that they’d been chosen to be the adoptive parents of twin boys while Gary and I were on our honeymoon, and so of course she called to tell me the good news!  We were so thrilled for them!  Their boys were born a month after Gary and I were married, and the baby fever only increased for me.  Shortly after, Gary and I found out we were expecting and our baby’s due date was the same day as her twins’ birthday!  Sadly, we lost that baby, but then got pregnant again right away with a boy due almost 3 months after her boys’ first birthday.  We were so excited to be raising our boys together and knew they’d be the best of friends… And they are!

Trish is another one I speak to on a regular basis, usually a few times during the week.  We hang out with our families, all of us enjoying the time.  It really couldn’t be much more perfect!  She is a voice of reason when I need it, offering good, Godly advice.  I can count on her to pray for me at a moments notice, and we always have a great time and great conversation when we’re together.  I am so thankful for her in my life.

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Celebrating Friends


  1. desertmama says:

    I love these pictures of the boys when they were little. So adorable, and so great that they have moms who are such wonderful friends.

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