Celebrating Friends: My Mom

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Today I want to share about my mom, another of my best friends.

My mom is the most amazing mom ever.  She is self employed, so when my brother and I were kids she was home with us as often as possible.  When we went to school, she was sure to be home when we left for school, then worked her tail off to be home before we got home from school. She was always very involved with us, making sure she was participating in the same activities we were.  She taught music for kids choir at church (which we were involved in), taught crafts or classes for Vacation Church School while we were in it, helped coach our sports teams, etc.

My parents separated when I was young (7 I think), and divorced when I was about 10.  A few years later, my brother moved in with my dad and it was just mom and I.  Being just the two of us caused us to grow a lot closer. My mom was one of the parents that my friends at school knew they could come and talk to, be it for advice, questions or fun.  Most of the time I wasn’t embarrassed when she tagged along with my friends and me when we went places, and they didn’t mind!  When I was out of town at volleyball tournaments my friends even hung out with my mom, without me there!! She helped to coach my volleyball team, and as I got older I assisted her when she coached club teams.  We really went almost everywhere together, and I loved it.

When I started dating, especially my future husband, I’m sure it wasn’t easy for her to go from me being around all time, to gone a lot with a boyfriend, but she was always supportive.  Getting married meant she was alone at home, but we still spent a lot of time together during the days or for dinners.  I called her almost daily while on my honeymoon to check in with her, and even now we talk daily.  She comes to dinner at my house almost every week night, and we hang out together during the week.

She has been a constant support in my life, offering friendship when I needed it, but still being a parent and offering guidance or discipline when necessary.  I only hope to be able to be that to my own kids someday.  I’m so thankful to have an amazing mom who I can also call my friend.

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Celebrating Friends


  1. Ah that's a lovely picture! Makes me wonder about that one day in the future when my little boy will look through the photos and we'll still be young. Wish I could slow down time.

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