Celebrating Friends: My Sister-In-Law

I’ve known my now sister-in-law, Rebecca, since we were little.  We also grew up together, going to the same church.  My best friend Erica is her cousin, and there was actually a whole slew of us kids who grew up together in the same church.

As kids we hung out, but her being a few years older than me we weren’t quite as close as I was with Erica and Holly.  I stayed over at her house occasionally, we went over to her house for dinners occasionally, and we played together at church weekly.

As we got older we were friends,  but since she married my brother 6 years ago we’ve gotten much closer.  She is one I know I can go to with struggles, to ask for prayers or just vent on and know she will understand me. My 2 youngest boys are the same age as her boys (and best friends of course!) so we enjoy getting together for the boys to play and for us to get some much needed chat time with adults.  And we enjoy hanging out without the kids too!

She is another great Godly example with good, sound Godly advice and thoughts. She’s an awesome friend, and I really couldn’t have asked for a better sister-in-law for myself (or a better woman for my brother to spend his life with)!  Another bonus, she’s the mother of the 2 best nephews an aunt could ask for too! So thankful to have her in my life!

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Celebrating Friends


  1. desertmama says:

    She sounds like a pretty cool sister in law, with a pretty awesome friend in you too!!!!

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