Do you use Coupon Codes when Shopping Online?

I’ll admit I haven’t always been the biggest fan of online shopping; not because it’s bad but because I’m all about looking, touching, and trying on before I buy.  However, since planning our Grand Canyon Hike we’ve been doing a lot more shopping online.  There is just so much to purchase, and we can usually find the best deals online, especially when we can use online coupon codes!

coupon codes

In our huge list of necessary purchases, one of the items we recently purchased was water shoes for when we’re hiking to and playing in the falls! After doing some research and finding out the best brands and the necessary features for our situation, my husband began his search for where to get the perfect shoes.  We found quite a few I liked on Amazon.  Amazon has a ton of the items we need, and since there are so many coupon codes for Amazon it makes purchasing from there even more appealing!
I ended up getting these beauties:

salomon water shoes

Aren’t they pretty?! Again, I generally like to try things on first, but with what we saved buying these online it was worth it.  They came and they fit perfectly (and match my backpack too)!

We still have a handful of items left to purchase in order to be ready for this hike, but with all of the coupon codes available I have no doubt we’ll get the best items at the best prices online.  And with the positive experiences we’ve had recently, my feelings about shopping online are much more positive as well!

Do you do most of your shopping online? If so, do you search for and use coupon codes?

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