Fantastic Flat Irons at Fantastic Prices- Flat Iron Experts review

I have naturally curly hair. I used to always wear it curly because it was quick and easy, but the older I got the more time I was willing to spend to straighten my hair and make it look how I wanted.  However, ever since I started straightening my hair I’ve had cheap straighteners because, well, it’s all I could afford. They always did the job well enough and I figured every straightener was pretty much the same.  After I started having my hair cut ‘professionally’ and my stylist would use his straightener on my hair I noticed it was much smoother but always assumed it was due to good hair care products.

I’ve since learned otherwise.  Flat Iron Experts sent me the 1 inch Corioliss SXE Range Ceramic Ultra Slim Flat Iron.  

  • Fixed Temperature at 410 degree F
  • Heats up in Less than 30 seconds
  • Innovative on/off remote control on cord.
  • Over 9 feet of swivel cord which allows for easy movement of the cord.
  • Nano Silver technology -style and clean your hair at the same time.
  • Negative ion technology to allow results to keep lasting.
  • Far infrared technology to seal in moisture to condition the hair.
  • Heat expansion allows for the plates to align perfectly while they are hot.
  • 100% tourmaline ceramic plates.
  • One year limited warranty

Pretty isn’t it?! While I was excited to have it, I didn’t really think it would a huge change from the flat iron I already had.  How wrong I was!
First off, ceramic plates are the way to go.  It distributes heat evenly and doesn’t fry your hair like plastic or metal plates will. It’s like choosing between cubic zirconia versus a diamond.  Which would you prefer?
My current flat iron gets no hotter than 395*.  While this seemed good, I discovered that the Corioliss flat iron made my hair much smoother with the extra 15* of heat. It’s amazing what that much extra heat will do!
I also love how fast it heats up.  Being a busy mom of 4 I have very little time to do my hair.  For this reason (and also to avoid further damage from heat), I don’t blow it dry.  I wash it at night and let it air dry while I sleep, then straighten it in the morning.  Having it heat up so fast saves me precious minutes!
The length of the cord is also awesome. Since my hair is so curly, it often requires more than one pass of the flat iron to get all the curl and wave out.  I have strategically placed mirrors in my bathroom so that I can see both the front and the back of my hair while standing in one place, eliminating the horrible pain in my neck and arms that I used to get when using a compact mirror to see the back of my hair.  However, this means I have one place I can stand to iron my hair, and it’s not as close to the outlet as I’d like it to be.  We recently had no power in the outlet, and for the 2-3 months it took my husband to fix the fuse to get power back to it I had to use a very long extension cord from another outlet in order to do my hair; not fun, not safe, not convenient.  Had I had this flat iron, the 9 foot cord would have easily reached without the need for an extension cord!
So are you ready to see my before and after pics? I’ll have you know I don’t like people to see me pre-straightening, though sleeping on it and letting it dry makes it far less curly than when I throw gel in it.  It also makes it far less terrifying a look than the rare occasions that I do blow dry it. Yikes, that’s a sight.  Anywho…

FIE Collage02a FIE Collage03aThe proof is in the puddin’ people.

Flat Iron Experts also sent me the Iron Holder for the flat iron. This keeps the hot iron off of my cheap counter-top, and has suction cups on the bottom to keep it where I want it (away from little hands)!

FIE Collage01aLastly, they sent me the KQC Thermal Shine Spray. I’m always worried about using product in my hair because I don’t want it to get greasy or stiff.  This spray doesn’t do either, it helps to eliminate frizz and soften hair while protecting it from heat damage! It smells pretty great too!

KQCTHERMALPROT-21Best thing about all of these products is they’re available from Flat Iron Experts for far less than you can get them anywhere else, and currently two of the products we reviewed are on sale!

1 inch Corioliss SXE Range Ceramic Ultra Slim Flat Iron: Regular price is $229.99 on sale for $124.99!!
Flat Iron Experts Iron Holder: $14.99
KQC Thermal Shine Spray: Regular price is $18.99 on sale for $13.99!

Flat Iron Experts also offers free shipping on orders over $50 to the US and Canada! Can’t beat these great deals, so head over now and place your order! PLUS, order TODAY (8/31) and receive 5 free items when you purchase over $100 in products! Who doesn’t like free?!


  1. Looks like it worked great for you. I will have to check them out when I am ready for a new flat iron.

  2. I LOVE my flat iron experts, looks like yours rocks too!

  3. I quit using my flat iron because it felt like I was frying my hair, but then again it was a cheap one. I would really love to try this one out.

  4. I love how flat ironing your hair can make it look shiny and pretty and sleek. My flat iron really damages my hair and I get breakage. I need to look into replacing it soon. Thanks for the review!

  5. That did a great job on your hair! It looks so shiny and healthy! 🙂 I have naturally wavy hair and use a flat iron sometimes. This looks great! Thanks for sharing!


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