Heelys Shoes- Perfect for Back to School

Heelys was one of my sponsors for the Back 2 School Bash last month.  However, with the huge demand because of back to school time, it took a bit longer to get our shoes for review and we weren’t able to post this before the event ended. However, I have to share our love of Heelys with you!

We have considered getting the kids Heelys off and on for quite some time now but hadn’t yet.  When Heelys contacted me about a review, I was so excited! Problem was, which kid would be the lucky one?  I decided to get these for Brooke.  She loves her roller skates, but she’s recently grown out of them and I thought this would be a good alternative.  I let her choose which shoes she wanted, and this is what she picked:

Super cute, right?!

I was curious to find out how well made these shoes are. Seems most shoes we find anymore are just so poorly and cheaply made, and with how hard my kids (most kids for that matter) are on shoes, it gets very frustrating to feel like I am buying shoes faster than they are growing out of them.  I was pleased to see that these shoes are well made and very sturdy- they have to be with the kind of use they’ll get, not only from normal wear but with the wheels on them as well! They are also adorable, something Brooke loves. Being ‘skating shoes‘ they are a bit heavier than your normal gym shoe, but not much heavier than other style shoes you may purchase.

One thing I really love about Heelys that I was unaware of before we got these is that the wheels can be removed and the shoes can be worn as… shoes!  The wheels are very easy to remove and just as easy to put back in. There is a little tool that comes with the shoes which helps you remove the heel plug in order to be able to put the wheels in.

Learning to skate with them takes a bit of practice.  Brooke is still learning, but she loves trying to skate on them as often as possible.  She especially loves going to the grocery store wearing the shoes, since she can hold onto the cart and skate behind or alongside it as I push it.  She is getting better at learning how to balance, and I’d imagine it won’t take her much longer before she’ll be zooming all over the place in her Heelys.

Honestly, watching Brooke try to skate has made me want a pair of my own.  Did you know that Heelys are sold in adult sizes as well as kids sizes?!  Unfortunately my feet are bigger than sizes 7-9 womens that they sell, so unless Heelys starts making them in larger sizes I won’t get to do experience having my own pair. I’m hoping it won’t be long before they expand the sizes they make *cough cough, wink wink*!

My boys have shown so much more interest in getting their own pair of Heelys that I imagine we’ll have to get them some sooner than later.  Erik’s birthday is in a few short days, and he has specifically asked for Heelys for his birthday.  Sounds like a great gift to me!

Check out the Heelys shop to see the huge assortment of styles they offer!

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