KNEX review: Mario Kart Wii and Monster Jam Truck

My kids are always so thrilled to see what new KNEX toy they’ll get to try next.  I am always amazed at the creative, fun building sets KNEX offers!

This time we were sent part of the Mario Kart Wii track building sets: Mario vs Piranha Plant building set.

The directions were easy to follow, with pictures rather than words and each shown step by step.

There set includes pieces to build Mario, a sprinter cart (with battery powered motor!), the Piranha Plant obstacle and 2 collectible items from the game; a mushroom and a green turtle shell.  Logan was able to do this all on his own, (though I did help him with some of the more difficult pieces to save time), and in a short amount of time the track and the kart were built and ready to play with.  What I love (and hate) about this track is that it combines with other KNEX Mario Kart Wii track sets to create one big track!  Super fun, especially since they each come with a different kart, but until we get all of the sets we won’t have a complete track to race on.

This one is so much fun though, even with the small part of track we have.  With the press of a “button”, the Piranha Plant can “eat” the Mario Kart.  This is a fun obstacle- with a complete track and multiple cars- would make for a very fun race between players, as well as offer further activity for others who want to play.  I’d love to be the one controlling this obstacle, trying to stop the racers as they pass by!

We were also sent another of the Monster Jam Trucks: 30th Anniversary Grave Digger.

Erik was excited to be able to have his own KNEX set to build this time.  This also had easy assembly instructions through pictures, and it didn’t take his 4 year old brain and abilities long to have it built and already playing with it (again, with a little help from me).  He immediately set up a ramp with books and began launching the truck over it.  He did get frustrated that the guy didn’t seem to want to stay put in the truck, (it kept popping off), and in order to get the guy stuck back on you have to take apart the truck.  He just kept taking it apart to fix it and then went back to playing.  I love that it has just a few pieces, making reassembly much less frustrating and much quicker!

Buy It: The Mario vs Piranha building set retails for $29.99, and the 30th Anniversary Grave Digger retails for $8.99.


  1. LOL, I have to giggle that the piranha plant can eat Mario!

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