Recipe: Zucchini and Onion Medley

For years and years I thought I hated zucchini, until one day my aunt made it and I’ve loved it ever since. What did she do that was so special?  Let me share the recipe with you…  It’s super easy!

Zucchini and Onion

1 Tbsp Olive Oil
Zucchini, thinly sliced (as many as you need for your family)
Onion, thinly sliced (Sweet is delicious, we love red; either is fine, use as much as you like)
Mozzarella Cheese for topping
Ground black pepper

Heat olive oil in skillet on medium heat.  Add zucchini and onion to skillet and toss, then cover with lid.  Let cook until tender, about 4 minutes, tossing occasionally.  (Don’t overcook or the zucchini will get mushy (yuck). I check on mine when I toss it, just to be sure it’s not overcooking.)  Top with mozzarella cheese and ground black pepper and serve!


  1. This sounds SO good- pinned to make next week! πŸ™‚

  2. We're getting lots of zucchini, so I'll have to try this! πŸ™‚

  3. desertmama says:

    Maybe I need to finally add something to my pinterest and pin this πŸ™‚

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