Why Toys are an Important Part for Early Childhood Development

When my first son was born I did a lot of reading on newborns; how often to feed them, what products I needed and which were safest, what kids toys were appropriate and why.  I learned that black, white, and red toys were best for newborns and was amazed that- even as a brand new little guy- he could see those colors so well and that it would encourage his visual development and physical activity.  So I did what any mom would do; I went and bought him books and toys that were black, white and red!  It was clear to see the truth behind it. He would stare and react to the black, white, and red toys and books, but the other multicolor ones he didn’t seem to react to.  The same was true for my other 3 kids.

As they have grown we’ve gotten them many toys that would help to encourage early learning and help them develop fine motor skills.  This has been even more valuable to me as a homeschooling parent, since my younger children who are not old enough to join us in the curriculum could still feel apart of school, stay occupied (and out of our hair), and learn at the same time!  My kids have enjoyed independent play with colored blocks or cups, all the while learning stacking, colors, counting, etc.  Playing with grasping toys is not only fun, but also helps encourage and develop fine motor skills.  Playing with balls encourages physical activity, as well as sharing and playing with others.  All of these skills are important for early childhood development.

So the next time you are debating on buying that cute toy you see at the department store, remember in the long run it will help your children learn and develop as they grow (and give you some precious moments of quiet while they’re busy)!


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