International Delight Iced Coffee- My New Obsession

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In honor of National Coffee Day, International Delight sent me a goodie box to host a Coffee Party using their new International Delight Iced Coffee, including coupons to try the new Iced Coffee, recipe cards, crazy straws and more!

Now, I’m not a big coffee drinker.  I’m more of a froofy coffee drinker, sticking mostly to super sweet cappuccinos and frappuccinos.  I’m a bit obsessed with the Starbucks frappuccinos, but let’s be honest- I’d have to be rich to afford to go there as often as I’d like to.  At more than $5 a pop (yes, I go big or go home) I’d be spending far more than our budget could allow.  It’s so hard though, because I just love their drinks so much!

BUT, I’ve found the perfect stand-in that hits the spot just as much as those tasty frappuccinos, at half the price or better; International Delight Iced Coffee!  A half-gallon container of International Delight Iced Coffee retails for around $4, and I have also found it at Costco for around $6 for two half-gallons!  Thanks to the chance I had to host this party, I discovered this fantastic fill-in and new obsession and I introduced my friends to this amazing drink as well!

Of the friends I invited to this party, only one of them was a true coffee drinker.  The others were more like me, though even more picky about their coffee drinks.  I knew they were a bit apprehensive about how they’d like the International Delight Iced Coffee, but being the great friends that they are they were willing to try it… for me.

I was prepared with all 3 of the flavors of International Delight Iced Coffee available to me- Original, Vanilla, and Mocha- knowing the flavored ones would likely be preferred over the original but wanting to give them all a fair shot.  I also had some tasty snack food, including a couple of the recipes provided by International Delight using the Iced Coffee.  I was anxious to see how those went over in addition to the Iced Coffee.

We all did our taste tests and I was thrilled to see that they liked it, stating that it was “really pretty good”, “tasted very smooth”, and that they’d be very likely to purchase it themselves in the future.  Success!  With some of the goodies provided in our party kit, we wrote down a few of our favorites:

Of course we had a bit of fun with it too.  The night before the party my husband and I had gone to a MLB game between our hometown Arizona Diamondbacks and my husband’s hometown team, the Chicago Cubs.  We’d been given this fun prop at the game:

The Iced Coffee was a hit, and we had a great time enjoying the snacks as well.  The truffles were delicious -though pretty rich-, and the muffins were quite tasty as well. I’ve enjoyed the leftovers very much, and will be making the muffins again before the weekend; they make the perfect treat to grab for a quick breakfast, and pair perfectly with a glass of International Delight Iced Coffee!  If you are interested in the recipes, you’re in luck!  Check my Mocha Chip Muffin recipe post and my Milk Chocolate Café Truffle recipe post!  And if you’re interested in more delicious recipes, as well as deals and info, check out International Delight on Facebook!

A big thank you to International Delight for sending me all I needed to have this fun party! Not only did I really enjoy the girl time with my friends, but I found a new favorite drink as well!

I wrote this review while participating in an In Home Party campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of International Delight and received product samples to facilitate my party and review, and a promotional item to thank me for participating. However, all opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Oh man, I love ID iced coffee! My favorite is the mocha!

  2. I love iced coffee especially with whip cream on. These flavors sound great.

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