Party Time with Mega Bloks First Builders

I don’t know a kid who doesn’t love to build with blocks.  When my oldest son was a little guy we knew getting him Mega Bloks to play with would always be a hit, and the same has been true for our other 3 kids. 

When we were chosen by MomSelect to host a MommyParties Mega Bloks First Builders party we were thrilled!  Our littlest guy just turned 2 years old and loves playing with the Mega Bloks left from his big sister and big brothers’ sets.  I couldn’t wait to share the fun new sets with him- like the ABC Spell and 1-2-3 Count blocks- and I was excited to share them with our friends too!

We all met at our church to be able to party (aka: play) in the green grass and open space.  As soon as the kids saw the wagon with the Mega Bloks it was a fight.

They loved building with the blocks, but all wanted at that moment was to drag that wagon around with them. 
And once they saw the Tiny ‘n Tuff Race ‘n Chase Rig, there was no keeping it intact for raffle.  One parent was supposed to be the winner of a raffle to take it home, but with 1-4 year old kiddos around, there was no way was it staying in that box without them tearing it apart.  I really couldn’t blame them; the rig comes with two adorable cars that- with a mere flip of the handle on the rig- are sent racing down the ramp! We opted to open in and let them play with it instead.

Once it was out, the fight began again.  We finally were able to get them to make up and then take turns with the Chase Rig, the two cars, and the wagon while the others played with the ABC Spell blocks. 

In the end Connor and his bff each took turns pushing around the wagon and the Chase Rig while the girls played with the rest of the toys. They were too cute!

All of the kids enjoyed playing with the Mega Bloks and with their friends (after we were able to get them taking turns), and we mommies enjoyed some adult chat time too.  Best of all, everyone was able to discover these fun toys, and -thanks to MommyParties and Mega Bloks- each child was able to take home a Mega Blocks First Builders ABC Spell and 1-2-3 Count pack, which they were quite excited about!

Mega Bloks are the perfect toy for little ones, and with the holidays coming up they’d make a perfect gift for the preschooler in your life!  While each of the 1-4 year old kids at our party loved these toys, the 2 year olds seemed to enjoy them the most.  We’ll be finding more Mega Bloks sets for our own little 2 year old for the holidays!

Disclosure: I received free products as part of a promotional campaign with MomSelect. Regardless, all opinions and thoughts expressed are my own.


  1. Oh yes we have bins and bins of them! 🙂

  2. Laura Jacobson says:

    Oh these look like so much fun! Carter is 2 years old and I bet he is about ready for these too! Might have to get for Christmas!!!

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