It’s Election Day! Get Out There and Vote!

Today is election day! If you didn’t vote on an early ballot, I encourage you to go to your local polling place to vote.  Your vote DOES count, your voice should be heard!  It’s so important.  We are blessed to live in a free country, in a democracy where we the people decide who and how our country is run.  If you like how the country is being run, cast your vote to say you want it to continues this way! If you don’t like how the country is being run, cast your vote to say you want a change!!

It’s one of our duties as a citizen of the United States to vote, to take advantage of our opportunity to be heard.  It’s what our founding fathers fought so hard to give to us.

It’s also SO important to set the example to our children. Today our entire family (all 4 kids included) will be making a fun event out of it, just as we do every year. My kids have watched the debates with us, they know who the candidates are, and they are so excited for election day.  My 6 year old daughter is very bummed that she cannot vote until she’s 18, even to the point of tears. I love it-not the tears part, but the desire to be a part of history- and I’m glad we’ve instilled the importance of it already. I’m so proud!

I hope you’ll take advantage of this freedom we’re so blessed to have and go cast your vote today!  I can’t wait to get my sticker…

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