KidKraft Toy Box- 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

My daughter has loved to play dress up since the time she could dress herself.  This has made it easy for friends and family when they’re looking for gift ideas; just get a dress-up outfit and she’s thrilled!  This has also meant that she’s gotten her brothers involved in dress-up too.

But after seeing the boys in outfits like these…

…our friends and family decided it was high time the boys had their own dress-up outfits that were more ‘manly’.

Of course, we were not opposed to that.  However, now we have quite a collection.  Brooke had a plastic tub that she put all of her dress-up costumes in, but it wasn’t long before it was overflowing, and the plastic tub was becoming cracked and broken.  The boys put their dress-up in their toy tubs, but they were never meant to hold anything of that size so they were spilling over from moment one.  I had had enough.

When I saw the toy boxes at KidKraft, I saw a perfect dress-up box to replace the broken one in Brooke’s room.  Not only is it solid wood, but it’s much larger than what she had, meaning it could hold all of her dress-up plus the boys’ dress-up, and likely have room for more!

Brooke couldn’t have been more excited to get that toy box put together when it came.  I decided to do it myself, just to see how easy or difficult it was.  I was impressed that it didn’t come with a bazzillion pieces, and the directions were so clear and easy to follow.

I was able to put the entire thing together by myself in less than an hour.  I only had one issue that required my husband’s help; when trying to screw in the screws to hold the lid hinge in place, it was impossible to do with the philips head screwdriver.  I used all the muscle I could muster, and I could only get those screws so far in.  I had my husband try, and even with his muscling it was very difficult.  He finally pulled out his drill and had them screwed in in mere seconds.  I really don’t know that we would have been able to screw them in all the way without that drill, and I was so glad we had it!

I put every bit of Brooke’s dress up in it immediately.  Then I put every bit of the boys’ dress-up in it immediately after that.  You can imagine my excitement when it all fit, with room to spare! I mean, I seriously just threw it all in, messy and unorganized (other than boys on one side, Brooke’s on the other) and it fit with no problems.

We also love that the top can be used as a bench.  Brooke has started placing her dolls on top of the bench to get them up off the floor.

The addition of this toy box has made life easier for Brooke, and made us both quite happy.  Her room is much cleaner and more organized, and she loves that she isn’t constantly having to fight to get her dress-up put away in a tub that’s too small for it all.  Since this toy box is solid wood, I can imagine it will last for quite some time, and I’m happy to know I won’t have to go back to that messy, broken, disorganized plastic tub again.  The kids are pretty thrilled too.

I was given the above mentioned product for review purposes. Regardless, all opinions expressed are 100% my own.


  1. So cute! I remember dressing my brother in similar costumes as a child. :p The box is adorable and looks like a piece of furniture you’ll be able to use for years to come!

  2. very nice–nothing beat a great toy box!!

  3. I want that SO bad! We’ll have to look into getting on for Christmas!

  4. Love it! My brother and I had one like that when we were little, and our oldest had one too. He used to hide in it. lol Looks pretty sturdy too!

  5. Love it! My brother and I had one like that when we were little, and our oldest had one too. He used to hide in it. lol Looks pretty sturdy too!

  6. My girls love to play dress up too… in fact at the moment my 4 year old is running around the house with a pirate costume on! I love this toy box – perfect for storing dress up clothes and still allowing the kiddos to have easy access.

  7. I love this! We have something similar, but much smaller, and OLD!!! I would like this one better. Love the dress up pics, what good sports!

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