November is National Adoption Month

I realize the month is halfway over, but I can’t let it go by without acknowledging that November is National Adoption Month.  I’ve always been a supporter of adoption, but even more so these past 13 years or so.

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My aunt and her husband tried in vain for years to have their own biological children.  They tried all medical interventions that they could, expending their options with no avail.  So they turned to adoption.  I remember many phone calls from my aunt about a women who were considering them, but many times hopes were dashed.  We kept them in our prayers, praying that God would send them the perfect child to fill their hearts and complete their family.

Gary and I got married and went on our honeymoon.  While we were there, I got a phone call from my aunt.  I knew it must be important if she was calling me while I was on my honeymoon, so I answered it.  She was in tears; happy tears.  They were going to adopt not one, but TWO babies! TWINS! The mother and father had 2 children already and felt that there was no way they could support and care for two more babies, so they opted to put them up for adoption.

Less than one month later, we welcomed C and G into our family.  To say they have been a blessing to us all would be a huge understatement.  They are my son Logan’s best friends- only just over a year apart in age- and my younger boys adore them and look up to them.  It’s been amazing to see them grow.  They look like our family, their personalities are just like our family, even quirks they have remind us of members of our family; it’s as if they truly are our blood relation.  In our hearts they are.  We know God sent them to our family, and all of the years of heartache and longing were so worth it for these boys.

Cousins and Best Friends: My Logan, G and C

If you’re considering adoption, GO FOR IT!  If you’re considering giving up (or aborting) your baby, please remember there are many families who are longing for a child to raise and spoil and love and call their own.  Please give them the opportunity to do it!


  1. Those boys are indeed blessings and 100% part of your family, it’s hard to even remember that they are not biological members. Adoption is a great gift! Thankful that your Aunt received such wonderful blessings!

  2. Oh, I’m so glad it worked out for them! I know it can be such a harrowing process, emotionally and financially. But it’s totally worth it in the end as evidenced by your aunt’s family!

  3. There are so many wonderful babies out there, So glad your aunt was able to adopt twins. Every baby deserves a family to love them.

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