Sportline 345DS Pedometer- 2012 Holiday Gift Guide #Giveaway

We are a family that loves to be outdoors enjoying the weather, and since we live in Arizona that’s easy!  Being outdoors and keeping moving is so important, and I want to be sure that my kids learn to love to be active while they’re young so they keep those habits as they grow. )I also want them to be outside and busy so they’ll get rid of some of that insane energy that they have!!) 😉

Generally if we buy sporting or fitness equipment it’s for the kids or my husband, but I decided it was high time I got something for myself. Sportline is a company we love, so I was thrilled to be able to try the Sportline 345DS Pedometer!

EB Sport Group (Sportline) created Move100 to encourage a healthier lifestyle. With nearly 50 million American adults recently classified as “inactive”, they felt it was time to do something.  The Move 100 Challenge encourages everyone to be active for 100 minutes each day. Check out for more information. This pedometer is equipped with MoveTrac Technology, counting the steps (up to 1 million), distance walked, and time you’ve been moving.  It also keeps track of the calories you’ve burned!

This pedometer is about the size of a silver dollar. Setting it up was fast and easy; Set your weight, height and stride by simply pressing a few buttons and you’re ready to go.

As a busy mom I knew I moved a lot in a day. But until I received the Sportline Pedometer, I had no idea just how much.  First off, I move so much that after wearing the pedometer for a while, it fell off and I had no clue. I’m pretty sure it was in the Walmart parking lot, and of course when I called nobody had turned it in.  Honestly, I have no idea how it came off, because the clip is definitely secure.  I was so bummed out (and upset that I wasn’t able to get pictures of my progress). After hearing about my issue, Sportline generously sent me another pedometer (yet another reason I love them- amazing customer service)!

So seriously, in a mere 7 minutes at home making a meal for the family I had walked over 1/4 mile and burned nearly 25 calories.

By the end of the day you can imagine how much those numbers increased.  I didn’t get any pictures, however, because before bed Connor was on my lap and we were reading a book.  He must have been sitting just right and sat on the reset button.  To reset it has to be held down for quite a few seconds, but sitting on my lap reading books was definitely long enough. lol  Ah well, it was all worth it.  Just be sure to remove it when you know you’re done moving for the day, or if you plan to sit on the couch and read to your active toddler. 😉

(By the way, I had no issues with this one even getting loose enough to fall off, so that other issue was a total fluke. Phew!)

I love being able to see how much I move on a daily basis and being able to keep track and set goals.  I’m also thrilled to be joining the Move 100 Challenge, and am glad I have this pedometer to help me with that.

This past Father’s Day I was able to give my husband the Duo 1060 Men’s watch from Sportline, as well as the Quick Adjust Resistance Band.  He still wears the watch daily, and uses it for his weekly workouts too.  We have nothing but good things to say about the Sportline products we’ve received, and know you’ll love them too!!  If you’re looking for a great gift for the holidays, check out all of the products Sportline has to offer!

**Before you enter this giveaway, head over to and enter daily for a chance to win $5000!!!**

How would you like to have your own 345DS pedometer? Enter to win by completing the rafflecopter form below. Giveaway ends at 12:01am EST on 12/14.
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I was sent the above mentioned product for review purposes. Regardless, all opinions are my own.


  1. Jennifer Boehme says

    I would loose this thing too. Size of a silver dollar, and resets too easily. Honestly would get thrown in the junk drawer or given to the kids to play with. Thanks for the honest review.

  2. That would be great for me at work. Working retail, i know I walk A LOT!!!! but the ones that clip on to your belt – i have knocked them off and broke them, just because of bumping into shelves and stuff. The pocket size will be great!

  3. I would want the hydracoach because i definitely need something to inspire me to drink more water and cut down on the tea. Also, the pedometer looks great and I would totally love to know how much I move chasing these three munchkins around!

  4. Chances are you probably bumped it just right – or scraped it – for it to have fallen off. I’ve done it too, but with a different pedometer. I wear mine flipped inside my pocket, just to make sure I don’t pop it off. The reset thing, well, kids are wiggly so it was bound to happen. LOL! It sounds like a marvelous pedometer though. It does way more than any I’ve had. I’m going to look into this!

  5. Laura Grace Andry says

    Looks like a great pedometer. The one I have now is big and bulky and uncomfortable to wear. This looks nice and slim. Thanks!

  6. I like the Hydracoach.
    Thanks for the chance!

  7. Fun!! One year at the school I worked at we broke into teams and had a Steps Contest. It was so fun! I’d love to have this pedometer though because it tells you how many minutes you’ve been active! I really like that. It’d be fun to see, as a mom of a toddler and a baby, how many steps I take and how many minutes I’m active! Thanks for the great review!!

  8. I think it sounds awesome! I agree… you probably hit it just right to have it fall off, especially since the other has been secure. And how nice was it for the company to send you another one after hearing you lost it.. great customer service!! I would buy from them for sure!

  9. I would love to try one of their heart rate monitors.

  10. jennifer marie says

    I like the hydracoach

  11. i might like the Sportline Plank + Ab Station

  12. I think the HyrdoCoach would be really nice to have too

  13. Anyone know how to turn this thing off?? It appears it doesn’t have any type of auto-shut off. It’s been roughly 25-30 mins now and still hasn’t shut off, it’s been sitting on the table. Thanks guys!


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