Uncle Milton Fireflies In My Room- 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

When I sleep I love it to be dark.  My kids do not. Brooke’s night light illuminates the entire hallway, and Logan has at least 3 night lights in his room, including the Star Wars Light Saber Room Light from Uncle Milton, which he is beyond thrilled with!

When Uncle Milton sent us the Fireflies in my Room, I knew it would be another amazing addition, (though this one is going in Erik and Connor’s room). They’re going to love it! With 7 light-up fireflies that illuminate and change patterns, as well as a remote control, how could they not be thrilled?!

We don’t have fireflies here in Arizona (or any that we’ve ever seen), so my kids don’t really know what they are. This is a fun way to introduce them to what they are (I seriously don’t think they have any idea)!  This is easily mounted, and if it’s as easy as the Star Wars Light Saber Room Light was to mount, easy is an understatement. Uncle Milton products aren’t just cool, they’re parent and kid friendly too!

I don’t know any kid who wouldn’t love this in their room. Honestly, I’d love it in mine (just until I’m ready to go to sleep, that is). Check out all the other amazing products from Uncle Milton; they make amazing gifts!


  1. Aww..this is a really cute alternative to a regular nightlight. Thanks for sharing it with us

  2. For the fact alone that you don’t have fireflies out there, you guys deserve these. So much fun!

  3. Sandy VanHoey says

    This is adorable! My grandson would like it because his room too he has nightlights and we also have a hallway light on for him. Boys love any insects to begin with so he’d really like something like this.

  4. I would love to put this in my grandson’s room. We just recently put dinosaur wall stickers up and this would go perfectly in there!

  5. Jennifer Hedden says

    This is so neat. I grew up in Missouri and loved fireflies in the summer. I know my nieces would love this. Thank you for the great post! I have never heard of Uncle Milton. I will definitely have to check them out.

  6. Elizabeth Lainey says

    This is very cool – I think I would even like it in my room 🙂 Thanks for the review!

  7. jennifer marie says

    A life without fireflies? that’s crazy! 🙂 glad the kids get to experience this!


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