Things To Do In Phoenix- Visit the Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium

wildlife-world-zoo-aquarium-280The Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium here in Arizona is one of the best zoos I’ve ever been to.  Not only do they boast Arizona’s largest collection of exotic animals, but they also have Arizona’s first and only public aquarium with 225,000 gallons of fresh & salt water in 80 exciting exhibits.

We went the first weekend of December;  What better way to enjoy the gorgeous 75* weather?!  The zoo wasn’t very busy at all- a shock and a pleasure- so we were able to spend some time looking at all of the animals without feeling like we should hurry and get out of the way so others could see too.

I love it here because you can get up so close to the animals that you can actually see them quite well!  We love the other zoo here in Phoenix, but some of the exhibits are so far away and it’s nearly impossible to see the animals well.  At the Wildlife World Zoo it almost feels as if you could touch the animals (though they’re still far enough away for the safety of both the animal and the observer).

big turtle

Monkeys close


In the outdoor portion of the zoo there is so much to see! A few of our favorites were the tigers, rhinoceros, monkeys, and Dragon World with the saltwater crocodile and 15 dragon exhibits!Tiger



crocCan’t forget the giraffes! We got to feed them, a fun (and slimy) experience for us all!

Giraffe 1

Giraffe 2

Giraffe 3

We also had a blast at the petting zoo petting the baby goats, deer and tortoises.Petting zoos

In the aquarium portion of the zoo, you’ll see sharks, stingrays, penguins, seahorses and more.  You’ll pet the stingrays and there’s also a touch tank with horseshoe crabs, starfish and more.




Touch Tank


Petting rays

We also were able to ride the carousel, Skyride, Log Flume Ride and the train! Other than the carousel, the rest take you through (or over) the exhibits for a closer look.  The Skyride takes you over quite a few of the exhibits, like the kangaroos, camels and porcupines! The Log Ride takes you past the aquarium for a close up look at some of the fish. The train takes you through some of the less dangerous exhibits past gazelle, deer, ostriches and more.

Carousel Ride

On the Sky Ride

Log ride


I took almost 700 pictures… Can you tell we had a great time?! We can’t wait to go back!

If you’re ever in Phoenix (or if you live here) be sure and check out the Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium! You won’t be disappointed!

We were given tickets to the zoo for review purposes. Regardless, all opinions are our own.



  1. Heather Carter says:

    I dont know what I am more jealous of- the awesome weather you guys have in December, or the fact your zoo is so kick butt. Our local zoo is the Cincinnati zoo here in Ohio and its been on the decline for many years. There are times I think its not even worth taking the kids to it- but I know they need our patronage to keep it going. :-/

  2. They have rides?! A log flume? What!!! That’s awesome! I can’t really complain though, our local zoo is pretty good, but we don’t have an aquarium close by 🙁

  3. That looks like a really fun zoo! Looks like they have the same train to ride as we do at the Atlanta Zoo. My grandson loves that train!

  4. I love this! I live in Tucson and our zoo is so small! We will have to take a day trip up to Phoenix!

  5. Jennifer Y says:

    So much fun!!! We were able to visit this place several years ago and we need to go again! Thanks for putting in our minds again. What Fil it looks like you all had!,

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